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Double Mono

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Gary Donald
Double Mono
on Nov 13, 2014 at 10:40:13 am

I find a lot of editors at a new production house use double mono. ie. They use two mono audio tracks for a mono VO for instance panned left and right. It's consistent with nearly all of them so Im just wondering am I missing something?

We share projects and sequences and I always strip away the 2nd mono track and pan the first on to the center. Just so I have less tracks on the timeline if nothing else.

So I guess I'm just wondering has anyone else come across this?

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Double Mono
on Nov 13, 2014 at 4:07:55 pm

Sometimes its nice to keep your audio tracks layed out in an organized manner. Voice 1 and 2, nats 3 and 4 music 5 and 6.

This type of organization makes the sound house less likely to yell at you as well, when some of your tracks are easy to spot as to left and right (odd numbers left, even numbers right).

I've received timelines from editors that put 1 voice track on ch 1, then music on 2 and 3, then some sound effects on 4 and 5, more music on 6 and 7. Pickup voice over on 8 (dropping the voice on 1 to silent, so the could go back to it if needed) It becomes a bit of a rats nest trying to figure out what is voice, what is music.

It doesn't take much effort to keep a clean organized timeline. In the end, everyone will benefit.


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Shane Ross
Re: Double Mono
on Nov 13, 2014 at 5:17:48 pm

I've worked on shows with all mono tracks (more the norm lately) and some that allow me to have stereo tracks on the timeline. but mostly it's Mono. Here's what we do.

VO is only 1 channel...mono. But we don't put it on A1, because then the rest of the tracks get messed up in terms of stereo pairs. Because music and SFX are two mono tracks panned, and need to start on an odd track first, and then even track. If we put VO on 1...then the next audio goes on 2...and that messes up things. SO...

Interviews on 1&2
NAT Sound on 3-6 (or lots more if it's a reality show with lots of people on mics)
SFX on 7-10
Music on 11-14
VO on 15.

Or more tracks for SFX as needed. But no matter what, VO is on the bottom, so it doesn't mess up stereo pairs.

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Gary Donald
Re: Double Mono
on Nov 13, 2014 at 11:47:45 pm

I couldn't agree more about keeping a formatted, clean timeline. There's nothing worse than opening a messy sequence with different types of audio on different tracks. The issue here is why are they using two identical mono tracks panned L/R instead of a single mono track panned to the center. I though maybe I was missing something.

Shane - That a whole lot of of audio tracks!! Nice

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