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For those who USE a Avid Isis how do set up your workpaces

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Mike Jeffs
For those who USE a Avid Isis how do set up your workpaces
on Aug 26, 2014 at 9:45:05 pm
Last Edited By Mike Jeffs on Aug 26, 2014 at 9:45:25 pm

I recently had a meeting with a large production entity and it looks like we have two fundamentally different approaches to isis workspaces. They have a freaking ton of projects going simultaneously. With many editors hitting the system at the same time. Basically they only create 5 workspaces

1) Is the Avid Media Files workspace so all of the MXF folder structure sits in there

2) Is the Avid Projects and Bins workspace

3) Non Avid Media workspace. This is where all the MOVs Tiff Jpegs After effects etc live. Also all of the non-Avid Software projects live here as well
4) Protools workspace. All of the sessions and media live here.
5) Masters or Final Exports workspace. This is where all finished media lives.

We on the other hand have decided to go the project based approach. One workspace that contains everything related to the project. Source files, Avid Media, Project Files, Non Avid Media etc. Within the workpace we create a simple file folder structure.

Avid Media Files/
Source Files/
Motion Graphics and Effects/
Color correction/
Audio/ (within audio we have a To audio folder and than a From Audio Folder)

Due to the nature we work we can have lots of project workspaces. And as projects get completed and archived the workspaces get deleted and new ones get created. Either weekly or monthly longer depending on the turnaround time. When talking to this other group they were very adamant that working our way was very detrimental to isis and we could have the whole system crash and loss everything. Because of the deleting and creating new workspaces semi frequently. Now I have never heard this before and so I wanted to check here and see if there are other people who work they way we do and if what this other group says is true. Are we opening ourselves up for a major crash?

So how do you utilize workspaces with a ISIS

Mike Jeffs
Video Coordinator

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Job ter Burg
Re: For those who USE a Avid Isis how do set up your workpaces
on Aug 26, 2014 at 10:57:27 pm

I have one Projects workspace where all projects are stored, and then two workspaces per project for media (one for sound, one for picture).

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Andrew Kimery
Re: For those who USE a Avid Isis how do set up your workpaces
on Aug 26, 2014 at 11:21:44 pm

Every time I've worked someplace with ISIS that did multiple shows concurrently it was setup kinda like the way you do it, Mike. Every show had separate workspaces for Avid media, non-Avid media, GFX, etc.,. I can't imagine working someplace where the shows weren't isolated from one another. Seems like a project management nightmare.

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