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Switching from PPro to Avid - some basic doubts.

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Shravan Ram
Switching from PPro to Avid - some basic doubts.
on Jun 5, 2014 at 4:23:58 pm

So just been a couple of weeks since I made the switch to Avid.
I've started to understand the way Avid does things and slowly getting the hang of it.

I need to know how to do certain things I did on PPro,on Avid. Such as:

1) How do I move the playhead along the length of the sequence along every clip WITHOUT activating Trim mode

2) Difference between ADD EDIT and SPLICE-IN ?. Which method do you use often to add an edit to your timeline once you've set I/O points ? Does it always add the edit to the location of the playhead ?

3)WHILE TRIMMING A CLIP (USING RIPPLE TRIM/OVERWRITE TRIM,ETC) - I can't figure out how to trim it to a certain point on the timeline sequence ,like I just want the Playhead to be fixed to a point and then I want to reduce the length of the clip (as in trim) to where the playhead is. Should I add a marker ?

IS THE 'TOP&TAIL" tool the best way to do this ? ALSO is the TOP &TAIL the most efficient way ever to make a trim on Avid ?

(I know this is a silly comparison, but it is a feature similar to that in the old version of Windows Movie Makers where in you can set start/end trim points, haha )

Thanks in advance !

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Job ter Burg
Re: Switching from PPro to Avid - some basic doubts.
on Jun 5, 2014 at 4:53:57 pm

1) just drag the blue bar across the timeline. That does not activate trim mode. Although the Stupid Tool may kick in if you have it active – I wouldn't know as I try to keep it off.

2) Splice In is inserting material from the source monitor into the timeline, either at a Mark or at the playhead (to the playhead UNLESS a Mark is present). Everything after that point will move to the right.
Add Edit makes a 'cut' where you are parked. Meaning that you can use it to split up a segment into two or more segments, then move them around. Add Edit does not add footage to the sequence.

3) You may want to find the 'Extend' button. You can mark an in or out at the point where you want to extend a shot to. You can then instantly do that without entering trim mode.

4) top/tail is a powerful tool that quickly lets you extract the top or tail of a shot in the TL.

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Robert Pitman
Re: Switching from PPro to Avid - some basic doubts.
on Jun 7, 2014 at 11:25:08 pm

If you use the mouse to drag the blue bar across the timeline, you can modify how it will snap to segments.

Command+Drag = Snap to first frame of segment

Command+Option+Drag = Snap to last frame of segment

I have grown to love this keyboard modified mouse snapping.

I hope it helps?


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Glen Montgomery
Re: Switching from PPro to Avid - some basic doubts.
on Jun 5, 2014 at 6:55:53 pm

1) I think what you are trying to do is jump to the next/previous edit with a keystroke without entering trim mode, do this by mapping FF/REW instead of next edit. Also, inside your Composer Settings, you can modify how FF/REW works so you can stop on markers and ignore track selection when skipping around.

Editor / Santa Monica, CA

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