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Keaton Douglas
Pan & Zoom
on May 15, 2014 at 6:41:58 pm

I want to know how to properly use the Pan & Zoom effect while also avoiding responses like "Just use After Effects for your motion effects".

My goal: To move my avid project to another computer without having to rebuild all of my Pan&Zoom effects from scratch.

My workflow:
I have an external hard drive with Avid Media and Stills for Pan&Zoom
I have two edit computers which run Avid.
On one computer I "Import" images off of the external hard drive into a Pan & Zoom effect.
I then move this project to my second computer.
When I open the project on my second computer, with the hard drive plugged-in, none of my Pan & Zoom effect images function anymore. When I move the playhead to any position where the images should be, the application crashes.

If I do the exact same test in reverse, starting with Importing images into the Pan & Zoom effect from my second computer, and then moving the whole project back to the first computer, I get the same failed result.

I just simply don't know how you're expected to use Pan and Zoom if you can't even switch computers and have the effects continue to function. The relative paths have stayed exactly the same! How could I ever bring this project over to an Online edit for color correction?

Either Avid
A) Doesn't expect people to ever change computers during production
B) Expects you to use 3rd party software for this type of effect.
C) Simply doesn't care that their software is extremely buggy because they are the CUTTING-EDGE INDUSTRY LEADERâ„¢

I just don't understand why Pan & Zoom is implemented as it is.

Why does Pan & Zoom directly reference media from where you "Import" it?
To even call this function "Import" is misleading, since in Avid, "Import" generally means: "ingest while converting the media to MXF Avid Media".
Why is media for Pan & Zoom not just converted to Avid Media and treated the same as everything else?

Off topic:
I'm tired of these bugs. It's exhausting spending hours on trying to get basic features to function correctly. How can something like this still not work? To just think about how easy/reliable it would be to do the exact same thing in FCP7, and then hear everyone defend Avid as the best editing suite honestly boggles my mind. I've been using Avid for over two years professionally and I would recommend it to no one. It's buggy, unreliable, and requires an inordinate amount of trickery and clever workarounds to accomplish the simplest goal.

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Santiago Escudero
Re: Pan & Zoom
on May 21, 2014 at 12:25:56 pm

Avid Pan & Zoom plugin is the way you can use a photo in full resolution. If you import and transcode it, you lose this res.

I'm think as you in many ways. It's exhausting.

Which version of Avid are you? I think this kind of bugs are more frecuently in Avid 7. I have many problems with Pan&Zoom and other effects in the same machine. In older versions this kind of problems didn't exist (6.5 I think is better).

I think Avid is trying to change to an open version, and they have many troubles doing that. They are far away of the good way. I hope that Avid 8 will come with really new features (specialy in effects mode); but I supose that it will never be.

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