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AERIALS at 60FPS tips

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Nick Wall
AERIALS at 60FPS tips
on Oct 6, 2013 at 12:10:37 am

Hi Guys,

Been getting some help on here already but just another issue.

I have some Aerials shot in 60FPS. The Operator told me he was filming them at 60FPS then he wanted to slow them down to look better.

They are shot very slow but when played at normal 60FPS speed they are jittery.

If I make them 24FPS they look fluid but they are then even more slower which is not what they want to achieve.

If I am already slowing the frame rate down to 24FPS, how do I then speed up again if I need to??? Is this possible as when I try in motion settings it doesn't look right?

Also I am importing the footage into a New 60FPS Project. Then setting up a 24FPS Project. Then dropping into the timeline. As instructed by some help on here already I can 'promote' then drop speed down. Yesterday it was there is no green spot for me to promote...I checked and the footage was def shot in 60FPS but it now won't allow me to adjust??

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Michael Phillips
Re: AERIALS at 60FPS tips
on Oct 6, 2013 at 3:31:37 pm

If a 2.5x slomo is not what you wanted, then you will either have to shoot a different rate such as 48fps for a 2x slomo, etc. or manipulate the speed with a motion effect in Media Composer.

Take a look at some of the settings such as progressive/interlace as it can change the overall look and frame rate adjustment you are doing. I did a quick blog on it here:
You will want to play with Field Motion settings to see what it looks like - also a lesson I learned in the process is when frame stepping/field stepping through a clip, make sure your timeline is set to green/green mode as you will be missing 1/2 the information when looking at it (not when rendering or transcoding).

Also, when you say you are opening the sources in a 60fps project, there is only one that does that; a 720p/59.94 project. 1080i/59.94 is a 29.97fps project that is interlace so a different motion adapter will be tagged on the source clip when opening it in a 23.976p project.

The green dot goes away if you've done a transcode in the current project as it will bake in whatever fame rate and such into the clip resulting in what is now considered a native 23.976 clip. Try opening the original clip from the "60fps" project again to see if the green dot reappears.


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