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MultiGrouping Creates "Duplicate" Groups

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Nick Hennessey
MultiGrouping Creates "Duplicate" Groups
on Sep 14, 2013 at 8:53:08 am

Hello my friends,

I am trying to MultiGroup a sequence and keep running into the same issue. The end result is a MultiGroup clip that plays what seems to be duplicated groups (I'll get to what they really are later) and plays them back to back. So you see the same clip multiple times, sometimes with inexplicable audio attached.

I had the Sync Map synced, all edits made, but then my subclips kept coming out with off durations - they weren't all consistent like they should be. I thought that may have been because I had deleted all unnecessary tracks in the sequence I was subclipping from, in order to make the process faster.

So I did a test with all tracks and the subclips started having the correct durations. Yet when I made the MultiGroup with these apparently correct subclips, I got the same result, with the same "duplicated" groups.

One lead I have is when I create the MultiGroup, it creates multiple Groups for each group of clips, which is why the groups play back to back in the MultiGroup. So the "duplicated" groups are actually slightly different versions (both incorrect) of what should be one group.

Also the groups created when I click MultiGroup have totally different durations than the clips that created them. For example, two clips that should be grouped are 1:28 and 1:23 (I know they should be the same) but they yield a Group that's 2:01.

Also, side question - I had to add Aux TC at the beginning of my process, and then Avid somehow started randomly generating the correct Aux TC for me. Anyone know why that is?

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Kyra Coffie
Re: MultiGrouping Creates "Duplicate" Groups
on Sep 18, 2013 at 12:49:57 pm


It sounds like you are getting duplicate groups due to your AUX TC and potentially duplicated subclips. Avid gets wonky when the AUX TC isn't exactly the same for the subclips that are supposed to be in a group. Additionally, accidentally subclipping the same clip twice will wreck havoc on your multigroup.

By any chance, would you care to share the bin with me and I can take a look? It doesn't matter that the clips are offline because I can usually suss out what is going on. I hope I can help because I love multigrouping!


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