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problem with quicktime export from avid MC6, doesn't work

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Joly Memory
problem with quicktime export from avid MC6, doesn't work
on May 16, 2013 at 7:43:15 am

Hello, I need to export a QT from my timeline (1080p25-DNx185) but it doesn't work, I have done it before with this film and it worked well, now we've made some changes and we need to burn a dvd.

I don't understand why it doesn't work anymore, the export starts, it says that it wil take 9 hours! (the film is 1hour 7 mn long) and after around 1 hour exporting it stops. there's a message :

"Exception: std: exception, what "Segmentation fault" in thread "CQTExportWorkingThreadBody", at adress 0x0"

I made a audio mixdown, didn't work, video mixdown of all the fx and titles, didn't work, the same message comes EVERYTIME after around 1 hour exporting.

I will try to make a video mixdown of everything and see what happen, but it will take hours and I don't have so much time left...

My QT settings are H264, native dimensions, High quality... and I don't remember, but I didn't change it from last time...

And when it says that it takes 9 hours, it's just so long! I don't remember it took that long last time.

Anyway I don't what to do, if you have an idea, please help me

Thank you

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Neil Patience
Re: problem with quicktime export from avid MC6, doesn't work
on May 16, 2013 at 6:15:23 pm

Hi Joly

If it always crashes at the same point it could be some kind of corrupted file or render file.
Why not try exporting as per your sequence settings, which should be much quicker than 9 hours and then use something else to make the H264 ?
(If it still crashes at the same point its almost certainly a dodgy file.)
MPEG Streamclip would work, or Compressor if you have it - just whatever transcoding software you have.
I too have found Avid a little slow at transcoding long H264 files although not had your specific crash.
Might save you lots of frustration ?

best wishes

8 Core MacPro, Kona 3, Tangent Wave, Mackie Universal Symphony 6.5 FCP7
i7 2.7 Gig MBP (non retina) 16Gigs Ram Blackmagic Monitor Mini Symphony 6.5 FCP7

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Joly Memory
Re: problem with quicktime export from avid MC6, doesn't work
on May 21, 2013 at 7:04:31 pm

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your answer. I made a quicktime reference and used quicktime 7 to transcode it to H264. It took long but the quality was good.
I heard as you said that Avid has a bug when it has to export a H264 long sequence, sometimes it works and sometimes not... we don't know why! But now I know how to deal with it.




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