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Quickest way to swap out versions of a shot?

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Ivan Kowalenko
Quickest way to swap out versions of a shot?
on May 9, 2013 at 2:56:50 am

I've run into an interesting situation with some XDCAM footage I've received from a client: some of it exhibits some juttering when mixed down or exported into a flat file. It's a bizarre thing, and it's even more bizarre since it doesn't happen during playback or a digital cut. At this point we're too far down the line to start rekajiggering everything, because the primary editor on this project is getting in the neighborhood of complete and the deadline is coming up.

Since problems don't show up when these clips are Digital Cut to a tape, I was thinking I'd go through the sequence, find the bits that were used, and export those pieces to a tape and come back in. The question is what is the quickest way to replace them? The clips have been married up to external audio as part of an AutoSync subclip, so there isn't exactly video associated with them. The audio is 100% fine, so I'm wondering if it's at all reasonable for me to import just the video, then lie to Avid by setting a tape ID for both the XDCAM video and the imported-from-tape video as identical, with identical timecode, and then unlink the XDCAM master clips and relink the sequence.

However, given how far we are into the project, and how persnickety things can get in Avid when it wants very specific things, I don't want to get elbow deep into disassembling things only to find out I've permanently screwed up the whole project. I'm just trying to idiot-check myself here, since it's been a while since I've had to do any of this kind of deep voo doo in Avid.

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James Beattie
Re: Quickest way to swap out versions of a shot?
on May 9, 2013 at 11:49:38 am

Some things it is just easier to show (link below)


output your entire masterclip to tape by dropping masterclip into a new sequence. Then redigitize it back in.

Open both clips in floating windows (by pressing alt or option on keypad when click it in the bin).

Choose a sync point on both and mark an IN.

Select both clips in bin and go under Bin and choose Group.

Load the new group clip into the monitor.

Go under tools/command palette. Choose Active Palette. Go to multicam tab and choose Quad split. This will show both clips in source window (grouped)

Go to your final timeline and scrub to the first clip to be replace. Mark in-out on that segment. Go to source monitor and find corresponding timecode of original material. Click on new footage in source monitor, in the group clip. mark an In. Replace.

This video may help make more sense of it.

James Beattie
ACSR Elite/Avid ACI, Apple Certified Technician

Consulting for Workflow and Digital Technologies at Comprehensive Technical Group

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Quickest way to swap out versions of a shot?
on May 9, 2013 at 1:45:59 pm

Actually, you should be able to take it one step further. Load you redigitized shot into the source monitor
and sync lock it to your timeline. It should now constantly update its position to represent your position when you move around the timeline. When you find an edit you want to swap out, park your bar on the edit and hit the replace edit button.

My brain tells me you shouldn't need to mark any ins or outs on either side.


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