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.Sync clips point to wrong Audio FIles

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Neil Williams
.Sync clips point to wrong Audio FIles
on Mar 3, 2013 at 4:05:33 am


An Avid project (DNxHD 175x) that I'm editing has a number of autosyncd subclips pointing to the wrong audio files. The result is video with an audio track from a different scene.

These clips were previously sync'd correctly.

For instance:

a) Scene 2 Take 1 will show video from the proper scene but will play audio from Scene 6 Take 3.

b) Scene 6 Take 3, will show video from the proper scene but will play audio from Scene 2 Take 1

When I click 'Get Info' on Scene 2 Take 1, I can see that the video points to the proper video file but the audio points to Scene 6 Take 3.

I opened up the bin text-view and changed the Scene and Take number on the clip to the proper values. Now 'Get Info' shows the proper data but the subclip still plays the wrong audio.

I shut down Avid and then deleted the 'msmFMID.pmr' and msmMMOB.mdb' files and restarted Avid. The subclip still plays the wrong audio track.

Is there a way to point these mixed up subclips to the proper audio file? Where can I alter this data?

I've been holding off on re-autosyncing these clips because I'm working on this project across a number of computers and a different hard drive with a co-editor.

There are about 25 subclips that have this problem in a project with 400 subclips.

Lastly, I thought this mix-up happened because there was a file corruption, so I went to an earlier saved copy of my project. I checked the project and there were no mixed up files.

When I tried to open up a sequence I was working on from the more current project, the same clips that were mixed-up in the more current project were now mixed up in the new one.

I'm thinking about going back to the working project and importing the sequence from the current project through ALE but I've had troubles doing that as well. If that sounds like a viable option, could someone direct me to a tutorial on how to do that successfully?

I'm trying to find a solution that will correct these wrong audio files that don't require me to re-autosync them.

Thank you,


Macbook Pro 2.6 Ghx Intel Core i7
16 GB
MC 6
Mountain Lion

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Michael Phillips
Re: .Sync clips point to wrong Audio FIles
on Mar 3, 2013 at 2:41:30 pm

You can always do a "set bin display" to find the subclip's originating master clip for picture and sound. Sort/sift to leave you with only the original BWF files. Hilight all, then do a batch import of the correct BWF files into that and master clip, subclip/sequence will get updated for just the clips that are pointing to the wrong essence (audio).

But... that doesn't solve the core problem of why they are relinking to a different audio. Most likely there is a "tape" value (I know, even in file based world...), and you will find this in the TapeID column. The original production audio probably has this at the start. If you open the BWF with the free Wave Agent from Sound Devices, you will see it (and can be edited). What is probably the cause, is that the TapeID is the same for clips also having the same timecode range. Like two days in a row with same tapeID using time of day. If you load your BWF's into a bin and do a double column sort where TapeID is the most left and START, it will first sort by TapeID then START and you will be able to see if there are duplicates. I do not believe you can edit TapeID. I don't know why the BWF Tape filed maps to TapeID in the first place.

If there is no value in the Tape field when viewing in Wave Agent, then the filename is what you will see in the TapeID. I usually duplicate the TapeID column into the SoundRoll column so it is available as a source when creating EDLs and such. It would be a nice "featurette" to do this automatically upon import (filename into SoundRoll).


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