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Only 1 audio track recognized on XDCAM Professional Disc

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Roman Stricker
Only 1 audio track recognized on XDCAM Professional Disc
on Jan 8, 2013 at 11:52:15 pm

I have a timeline with 8 tracks of audio and I use "export to device" to burn it onto a 23GB XDCAM professional disc in a Sony PDW-U1 deck.
After export is completed successfully I use link to AMA to check the MXF file I wrote to the disc. What happens then is, AVID shows me a master clip with only 1 audio track where there are supposed to be eight. I can see that there is only A1 present in the bin, in the timeline and I can hear it over my audio monitors.
But: There are 8 audio tracks in the PROAV folder on the disc and linking to the master clip on another system works just as it should: all 8 tracks of audio are displayed and played back.

My initial machine is a quad core Mac Pro early 2009, the reference machine is a MacBook Pro 17" Mid 2010. I have OSX 10.8.2 and Avid MC 6.0.3 running on both machines.
The project is SD, 50i, I used MPEG50 for export. I have made mixdowns of all video and audio tracks. On the Mac Pro I unsuccessfully tried the same procedure in different projects with sequences other than the first one.
And most suprisingly: this workflow had worked just fine for over a year. I even could successfully export and connect again to (via link to AMA) other timelines from the same project only 30 minutes before all of this came up. All over a sudden with absolutely no change to the system at all this bug appeared.
No, I did not consolidate the media, but doing the mix down should have caused the same effect.

So all of this leaves me without a feasible way to check the material I have exported to disc.

Does anyone have a clue what might be a solution?

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Job ter Burg
Re: Only 1 audio track recognized on XDCAM Professional Disc
on Jan 9, 2013 at 7:48:04 am

You need to install Sony's XDCAM drivers. You should not be seeing a PROAV and GENERAL folder, but rather a whole bunch of folders.

Without that proper driver, you won't be able to correctly see/open/import the contents of the (virtual) XDCAM disc.


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Roman Stricker
Re: Only 1 audio track recognized on XDCAM Professional Disc
on Jan 9, 2013 at 5:40:08 pm

Thanks Job, for your really quick reply!

Yes, seeing the PROAV folder made me suspicious as well. I must say that working with XDCAM is not my daily bread and when I had to deal with it for the last time about a year ago seeing just the typical Mac volume icon instead of a Sony professional disc icon on your desktop was a clear indicator for a missing XDCAM driver. In that case you would see the PROAV folder but no Clip folder, no Subclip folder and so on.
But in my case I in fact did see the professional disc icon on the desktop as well as the clip folder, the PROAV folder was just there in addition. So I thought okay, something new, what ever…
So I guess I do have the XDCAM driver installed. XDCAM Drive utility claims version 3.4.0 to be onboard.
Also strange: If I use the regular import procedure on the same clip I do get eight tracks of audio and everything is fine. It just happens when using Link to AMA that I am presented with only track A1…

Got any clue?!?

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