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Automatic Duck workflow - What did we do wrong?

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Jennifer Jones
Automatic Duck workflow - What did we do wrong?
on Mar 25, 2012 at 2:04:45 pm

Hi -

I have an Automatic Duck FCP to Avid question. (And, IMHO, there should be an Auto Duck Forum on here!)

So, we have a project from FCP 7 that we exported via Automatic Duck and imported into MC 6.1. As per the AD user guide, we chose the "prepare export for AMA relink" in AD. Once we imported the sequence into MC, we "linked to AMA volume", and pointed to our FCP Capture Scratch folder (with all the original files). The bin populated with all our clips for the project (which, we'll need in order to continue working on the project). We then transcoded.

Then, we put the AD sequence in the same bin as the transcoded clips, selected both the sequence and the transcoded clips, chose "relink", and selected the option "select items in all open bins".

Our sequence contains about 60 clips, and only about 7 clips re-linked. I'm grateful to have the sequence itself as a "guide" to re-create the cut, but I was hoping for more success with this process(!)

Anyone know why this happened?

Our initial thoughts:

- The original FCP project was started in a OLD version of FCP (3 or 4?), and has been constantly upgraded throughout the years. Maybe this makes it more wonky?
- MC 6.1 still isn't supported in Lion 10.7.3, but we've been running it just fine. Perhaps this is an example of one of the bugs?
- Auto Duck is a nice little free program, but you get what you pay for ;)

Any insight would be helpful.

P.S. We tried several different workflows before arriving at this one. For example, we exported without the "AMA relink" option / tried putting all our capture scratch files in the Avid Media Files folder and "linking to AMA Volume" / put the AD sequence in it's own folder, "showed reference clips" in bin display and tried re-linking that way, etc. However, the above method brought the most "success".

Thanks in advance for any help..

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Shane Ross
Re: Automatic Duck workflow - What did we do wrong?
on Mar 25, 2012 at 4:52:31 pm

Wes, the guy behind Automatic Duck, said that linking via AMA was sketchy...and they never got it to work right. And now Wes has moved on to Adobe, and Automatic Duck has ceased to be supported anymore (but it is now available for free to all!)

The best way to go FCP to Avid is have the Duck convert the media to MXF files, and then drop those files into an Avid folder structure. Transferring and linking via AMA doesn't work.

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Jennifer Jones
Re: Automatic Duck workflow - What did we do wrong?
on Mar 25, 2012 at 6:01:27 pm

Beautiful - worked perfectly! Thanks, Shane!

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Kelly Hunter
Re: Automatic Duck workflow - What did we do wrong?
on May 17, 2012 at 9:16:19 pm

I'm in the same boat except I'm using Batch Import on my AAF file in Avid that I exported from FCP.
Seems very time consuming to set the file location on every single clip but that seems to be the only way this works.

A quicker way is to media manage the sequence from FCP, then export AAF using Duck, and that way all the media is now in one folder, and shortens the linking process because it's not having to transcode all the extra media.

There has to be more people out there who use this program, and who can provide a faster workflow instead of linking each file one by one.
It's a terrible method to have to do this on feature films.

Even when Duck shows where the files are, it still needs to be relinked because for some reason, that's not full proof either.

However, once all files are linked, it's awaiting game for the Batch Import to complete, but in the end, I did have my media back online.

Any feedback would be helpful...

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