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Transitions question from FCP to Avid switcher

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Andy Field
Transitions question from FCP to Avid switcher
on Feb 25, 2012 at 4:54:47 am

First I preface this by saying I've watched all the tutorials -- and it seems the only way to make a glow, blur or other non standard transition in AVID is to overlap two video tracks - create add edit points - then apply the blur, glow etc to each track and play with the opacity to simulate what you can do with ONE CLICK in FCP.

Surely there is a better way. FCP Legacy (not X ..that's why I'm switching) has a deep independent developer set of transitions and filters. Want a blur - break apart - particle implosion - lens flare transition - drag and drop between two clips and you are done.

AVID has BCC ...and then a group of non-searchable filters and transitions - but few that work right out of the box between two clips.

Is there no other way to do the blur, glow - break apart etc transitions other than manipulating filters?

This seems like a serious shortcoming...or ...and more likely ...just my ignorance here. Thanks for your help -

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Shane Ross
Re: Transitions question from FCP to Avid switcher
on Feb 25, 2012 at 5:18:44 am

This is a serious shortcoming. There are a set of plugins for Avid called SAPPHIRE, but they are very expensive. The main issue is that FCP had a HUGE user base. Over 2 million users. Not everyone bought plugins, but say some did. That could be hundreds of thousands of customers. And the code was available free, so many many people made free plugins out of the love of the app, the challenge, who knows? And then there are the paid sets that you could get for between $10 and $100...mainly hovering in the $50 range. With that many users, it was profitable

Avid? User base of roughly 40,000...50,000. Might be more now after the just say 80,000-100,000. Of those users say the same percentage buys plugins. That might be 5,000 or so. And not all of those buy the same the profit margin is lower. That's why Sapphire is so expensive.

Then there's the issue of the code so that you can make the plugins. Avid doesn't provide that for free. Nope, you have to pay a license fee of $1000. Pay, for the right to make plugins. This isn't very inviting. So you won't get people paying $1000 to make free plugins. or $1000 to make a small profit margin.

But, other than what Avid offers, and Sapphire, there is Boris Continium Complete, Boris Red. No, they aren't single-click...but you can make the effect, then save the preset. Is it as easy as it was in FCP? Nope...but doable.

I resort to using the paint effect and some of the built in. But then again, I never relied too much on plugins. I have a handful that I do...but not a lot. I'm one of the few that buys, but only a small set.

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David Powell
Re: Transitions question from FCP to Avid switcher
on Feb 25, 2012 at 5:53:25 am

You can drop the Avid FX transition on top of a transition on a single video track. Open fx editor and click launch interface and there is a library of presets you can use. After you've found or created one to your liking, drag the avid fx icon into a bin and give it a custom name, which you can use over and over again. There is a good tutorial here on creating transitions with Boris Red (Avid FX). Its not too difficult. Once you see what Avid FX has to offer, and get a little used to it, you'll find that you have a lot more at your fingertips then you previously thought.

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Jason Wood
Re: Transitions question from FCP to Avid switcher
on Mar 7, 2012 at 12:46:05 am

"There is a good tutorial here on creating transitions with Boris Red (Avid FX)."

Would you mind linking us to that tutorial?

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