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changing frame rate (fps) of master clips and sequence

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Dillon Brown
changing frame rate (fps) of master clips and sequence
on Nov 7, 2011 at 7:54:27 am

Hello everyone! I've been scouring the internet in an attempt to find a solution to my problem, but to no avail - I don't know the exact proper procedure to go about this.

I just recently came on a project to do some editorial assistance. The previous editor on the project cut in Avid and the new editor on the project wants to cut in Final Cut Pro. Unfortunately, Automatic Duck is giving me a great deal of trouble, because, as I found out, the Avid project contains LOT of frame rate problems. For some reason the guy who imported the original camera video files and original sound files did it completely wrong, and he set up the project wrong. Therefore when I try to bring the AAF into Automatic Duck, I'm getting a lot of syncing errors.

- The film was shot at 23.98 on the RED and 7D

- The Avid project is set up at a 1080p/24 timebase. Therefore all the RED and 7D media that was imported (he transcoded the RED to quicktime files and then imported them into Avid) were changed from 23.98 quicktime files to 24 avid mxf files/master clips.

- The audio that was recorded on set for the RED shoot was imported into Avid at 24 fps as well (when prompted to choose a start TC in the Audio Start-Time Options box). The audio files are wav 48.000 Khz

- The audio that was recorded on sset for the 7D shoot was imported into Avid at 23.98 fps (when prompted to choose a start TC in the Audio Start-Time Options box). The audio files are wav 48.000 Khz

Using Automatic Duck I'm attempting to re-link to the original 23.98 quicktime transcoded files, as well as the original wav files. However, because the Avid project was set up wrong, and the video and audio master clips have different durations and start timecode, the audio and video have sync problems when importing the AAF either as a 23.98 or 24 Final Cut Pro project file. In Final Cut I've tried importing the AAF into a 24 fps project and a 23.98 fps project (with Automatic Duck changing the AAF 24 fps to 23.98 to match the 23.98 sequence preset).

Therefore, is it at all possible to modify not only the fps and format of the Avid sequence itself, but all the media linked in the sequence as well? I've been able to successfully change the format of the sequence from 1080p/24 to 1080p/23.98 by creating a new project and opening the bin and opening the sequence - Avid then creates a new sequence at 23.98 from the original 24 sequence - all the clips have green dots on them, as the clips themselves are still 24 fps playing back at 23.98 within the 23.98 sequence.

What I haven't been able to figure out is how to re-link, re-import, re-Batch Import the associated master clips in the sequence to their original 23.98 quicktime transcoded files. I've tried Batch Import but it just re-imports the clips at 24 fps (not 23.98 to match the sequence). I've also tried Decomposing the sequence and using the Expert Decompose function, but the only option available under Format in the list of clips is 1080p/24 (no 23.98).

I'm hoping that it will be possible for me to re-import/re-link to the original 23.98 quicktime transcoded files as well as the original sound files (selecting 23.98 as the timecode upon import), so that when I sent the 23.98 sequence via AAF to FCP using Automatic Duck, everything will link properly.

However, I'm also wondering if by re-importing the clips at a new timebase/fps, the synced subclips will lose their association with each other, or if the sync will be off (if timecode will change due to re-importing the RED and 7D footage as 23.98 from the wrongly imported 24).

I also attempted to import the 24 fps sequence into FCP, and many of the 23.98 quicktime files had no problem re-linking, however because the RED shoot audio was imported incorrectly at 24 fps instead of 23.98, the Start TC is off (the 7D shoot audio synced fine because it was imported correctly at 23.98).

I'm really hoping anyone will be able to assist with this problem - I would really, really appreciate it.


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Jeffrey Packard
Re: changing frame rate (fps) of master clips and sequence
on Nov 8, 2011 at 12:42:57 pm

I really hope someone has an answer to this. I just ran into this tonight. Unfortunately I'M the one who set up the project wrong. Took me forever to import Canon T2i .mov files into Avid, then log and organize bins. Tonight I finally finished renaming all the audio that was recorded on the oh so wonderful Zoom (sarcasm) with its lovely repeating file names (its so easy to program it to name files during recording...why must I be given dated folders containing FOLDER01-1?, etc..anyways) so I begin to import the .wav files only to notice I can choose my fps. Thats when I realize I stupidly set the project up in 23.98 instead of 29.97. I have 74 scenes with at least 3 takes/setup and even some multicam all nicely organized in their I have to start from scratch and reimport everything at 29.97? Or can I just import all the audio at 23.98 as well, cut away, and then bring the sequences into a 29.97 project once the work is done? Yes, as you can tell, this is my first feature and only my 2nd project in Avid. Was trained in FCP and really wish I had that time back.

-Jeffrey C Packard
Freelance Video Post Production
.dirty gate media.

"Post is not a magical world with little elves who make all your footage exactly as it was in your head."

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