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Foreground / Background Tracks and Object Space

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Stephen Curry
Foreground / Background Tracks and Object Space
on Mar 21, 2009 at 7:39:39 pm

OK...I have to say I'm pulling my hair out by the fact that this program isnt intuitive as it could be.

Ive created a simple Text Object...which I want to animate etc...(Object A on Track A)
Then on a separate time line (Track) I want to add Text Object B with different Text...then do combination of animations etc...

First, for the life of me it took FOREVER to figure out to click on the 3D cube icon then click on the Object button and then select create another Text track. Seems you should have an object on the track commands button to Add a Blank or New object track like you already do for Camera Track.

Anyway, with that aggravation gone I added another text track only to find that the new text is on top of the original text and I cant figure out how to make the two tracks occupy different regions of space.

So then I tried to get creative by accepting the fact that at the moment my two objects would be in the same region of space (thus on top of each other) So I watch the tutorial videos on ProAnimator and decided to have my two object simple come in at different times. Which "sorta" fixed the problem but I would still like more control over where the object float in space. SO, with my new knowledge of how to add a track I added a third one (Object C on Track C)and timed it to come in somewhere in the middle of the other two. BUT now its behind the other two tracks and is mostly obscured by the other texts which are in the foreground. So, I wanted to move Object C to the Foreground and thought since it was on the bottom of the object tracks I could simply dragging its Object Track to the top but that didn't change anything.

So basically what I need to know is:

A. How can I get two separate object tracks to occupy slightly different areas of space?
B. How can I change what object is in the foreground or background easily?

This just seems to be way harder than it needs to be.

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Edward Wu
Re: Foreground / Background Tracks and Object Space
on Mar 23, 2009 at 4:54:49 pm

Hi Stephen,

A. To control where your objects are in space, select your objects and use the "Object Mode" and use any of the directional arrow tools to manipulate your objects. With Object Mode selected, you can use the Dolly, Roll, Track, or Tumble tools to move your objects around. The Object Dolly tool will allow you to "push" objects farther out in space, or to pull it forward. You can also move your objects by going into the Animation window, and using the "Move XYZ" tools to move your objects. When you initially create objects, they are positioned at a default location, so you will have to reposition them to fit your composition.

You can also change the camera angle with the camera presets so you can look at your objects from different angles if that helps you out.

B. In a 3D program, the objects that you create take up space. You can move them closer to you or farther away, unlike programs such as Photoshop where you are just manipulating layers. Thus, to set up foregrounds and background objects, you will need to position your objects in the 3D space so that some objects are animated to be closer to the camera, and some farther away from the camera.

Our User Manual has a lot of information on how to control the scene setup or your object setup, so it can help you learn all the controls. If you don't have the User Manual, you can download it from our documentation page below:


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