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Since you can't link objects in

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Ken Latman
Since you can't link objects in
on Apr 16, 2008 at 3:22:19 pm

I am having a difficult time with a current project in ProAnimator since I can not link objects as Serge has described in his excellent Invigorator training DVD.

I have a disk that is rotating on itself along the Y-axis. I also have lettering on this disk (they could very well be called just objects because I did not use the type tool to put them)

I would like to have the disk spin and then stop, but as the disk spins along the axis I would like to have the letters fly off as if from the centrifugal force from spinning.

I put the letters on a separate object track but the spinning alignment becomes off. I've tried a blur pass to hide this problem, but I still see it and I'm not satisfied.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue with ProAnimator?

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Jon Okerstrom
Re: Since you can't link objects in
on Apr 22, 2008 at 1:42:53 am


It's hard to know why the alignment of the disk and the text objects doesn't match up, but how about this:

Create one track, with the spinning disk and the letters flying off.

When you're happy with the motion, make a duplicate of that track.

On one layer, make the disk invisible for the whole time. On the other layer, make the text invisible the whole time. Use the transparency channel.

Assuming you replicated the tracks AFTER you created the motion on the original, my sense is the two tracks would remain in sync because the math under the hood would remain identical.

Does this sound logical to you?


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Ken Latman
Re: Since you can't link objects in
on Apr 22, 2008 at 12:39:58 pm


I did try something similar to those lines. I would get the entire set of objects rotating, duplicated everything to a new track, and then make the objects I didn't want to see that were not supposed to fly off, invisible.

I kept coming across ProAnimator crashing. I'm not sure why. It looked as if once I got to a certain file size for the ProAnimator I could no longer use that file. Around the 600k mark (I frequently save as I work) the program would crash and I could not relaunch the file I created.

It wasn't perfect and took a little longer, but I winded up doing was running a render three to four times for each part and compositing the files in AE.
1) Disk spins with all elements
2) Letters spin on disk with the disk invisible then comes to a point and parts fly apart
3) Disk spins with no elements for a longer time
4) Disk spins and then comes to a point and flies to the camera.

This wasn't ideal but I couldn't get the application to keep going as I stated in the previous method.

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