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Where exactly is my object?

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Paul Carlin
Where exactly is my object?
on Apr 5, 2008 at 7:29:45 pm

Here's my scenario. I 3D camera tracked a helicopter shot using SynthEyes, imported the resulting Maya Scene and everything lines up fine. I can create 3D layers (for example, 2D flat text positioned in a 3D world) in AE and they match perfectly with the SynthEyes generated moving camera.

Now I decide I want to use 3D Invigorator to generate some cool 3D text to relpace my boring AE generated Text. I use Illustrator to get past the fact that 3D Invigorator doesn't support open type fonts and create some beautiful outlined vector art. Load it, looks great... now the hard part. Making it land into my scene.

I choose "Use Comp Camera" and "Set 1 Track 3D Layer" to match an existing layer that is placed exactly where I want it. I can move this 3D layer and the 3D Invigorator follows (although, due to the RAM buffer you must advance a frame or clear the buffer to see the change).

Here's my problem. Where, exactly is my object? Due to the fact that I am stuck with a Maya (SythEyes) generated camera, the "world" I am working in is very small. 1 pixel of positional movement can move the object out of frame. Objects need to be scaled down 100 times smaller to look "normal".

Many times, the object gets lost and I can't find it. The behaviour of 3D Invigorator is seemingly unpredictable. I can select the object in the pull-down menu and click RESET or MOVE TO CENTER, but I don't understand exactly what this means. In relation to what exactly? Where is it now? Why are there no coordinates that I can look at? When I click the STATS button I see position, rotation and scale information... how does this relate to simply moving an object using the tools? What do these numbers mean? If I'm tracking a 3D layer, why is this even changable?

I just don't get it. There are too many ways to move/position/re-position an object and no feedback data of what is actually happening. I understand the fact that you can move objects and the camera outside the control panel, and inside you "design"... that is not my problem. I am using the Comp Camera.

Can someone explain what RESET and Move to Center do when you have a Comp Camera and you are tracking a 3D layer?

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Serge Hamad
Re: Where exactly is my object?
on Apr 5, 2008 at 9:23:01 pm

Hi Paul,

The Reset button will remove all changes you applied to an object. (Scale, Position, Rotation)

The Move To Center button will place your object at the Invigorator’s world origin which is located at the center of your floor grid.
It is important to have your objects centered this way when you intend to track a 3D layer as at once when you engage the tracking switch, Invigorator’s center will adapt and stick to the center of your 3D layer. If your object is located far away from the center it may not be visible in your comp window.

[Paul Carlin] "If I'm tracking a 3D layer, why is this even changable?"

Simply because you may have to build an object out of several parts or arrange it in a certain way. So you need to be able to manipulate it inside of the Set-Up window even if you intend to track a 3D layer.

I hope this may help. If you are having a hard time to get it right feel free to send me your project without media and I would be glad to check it for you.


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