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Invigorator Pro drops textures with Nucleo...sort of...

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MHancock (promoboy)
Invigorator Pro drops textures with Nucleo...sort of...
on Jun 11, 2007 at 8:12:49 pm

Running Invigorator Pro, v4.09.
nVidia Quadro FX 3450, driver 91.85
Dell 690, 2GB RAM, 2 dual 3.0GHz Xeon processors hyper-threaded to simulate 8 cores, or something like that.

Here's what I'm doing:
New comp, new solid, apply Invigorator Pro, go to setup window, build my scene. When I'm building my materials I'm clicking on the little box to navigate to the file(s) I want to use as a texture, transparency, bump, and/or reflection map. Apply the material, go back to my comp, set to full rez. Looks beautiful. Do animations, etc...turn on Nucleo and hit Render. Here's where the problem starts.

The Problem:
After the render you watch your movie--quicktime, .avi, .png or targa sequence--doesn't matter. Random frames are rendered without the right textures/transparency maps/reflections/etc... It's like random frames are dropped to half rez than the next frame is back to full rez. Causes weird flashing, reverting to solid primitives, etc... Could this be a problem with Nucleo, Invigorator, or both?

When building a material, if I want to use a transparency or texture or reflection I import it and make it a layer map. Then, instead of pointing to the actual file on the hard drive I point to my layer maps. That's fine, but with a limit of 10 layer maps it fills up fast. However, when I render with Nucleo everything is fine. No dropped textures, lightning fast, very happy.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is it likely a Nucleo problem? I'm planning on contacting them too, but I thought I'd give the Zaxwerks team a heads up too in case it's something on their end.


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Re: Invigorator Pro drops textures with Nucleo...sort of...
on Jun 28, 2007 at 7:42:13 am

Hi there.


I have exactly the same problem as you, using the built in material swatches. I am using After Effects 7 with Invigorator Pro v4.0.7.

I have a very complicated multi-layer 3D sequence with imported 3D objects and only the reflective parts are a problem. For example a chair with a non reflective cushion and metallic arms will only have faults on the arms.

A non-Nucleo render works fine. In fact it takes no longer than the Nucleo render which is unusual.

Be interested to find a solution rather than a restrictive workaround.


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