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Try this again because I didnt get a response...

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Try this again because I didnt get a response...
on May 3, 2006 at 9:59:10 pm

I think I have come across a major glitch. It happens when I work in the Set-Up window and I'm adjusting the scales of objects with the Stats box. When I put a number into the Z position box then hit apply - it moves the object in a different direction. I have even tried reseting the object and it still gives its OWN position. It seems like a number gets stuck and it keeps applying that numerical value every time apply button is hit. Then here's the clincher...Whether I hit the OK button or CANCEL button, it then moves it again in another different position entirely.

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Jon Okerstrom
Re: Try this again because I didnt get a response...
on May 4, 2006 at 2:31:38 am

Hi Robbie,

I haven't seen the issue you describe. I don't normally use the stats window to move objects, only to scale them.

Here's what I find after trying to repeat your situation:

Open the stats window for a selected object. Put a number in Z posiiton, hit apply. The object moves as expected in both positive and negative directdions. Hit OK, the object stays in its expected position.

Now, if you hit reset, all the numbers go back to 0,0,0, but the object does not move. If you hit okay without apply, the object goes back to 0,0,0 when the stats box closes. If you hit apply, the object moves to 0,0,0 and the stats box remains open.

(in some cases, the number ends up being a very, very small number rather than zero.)

Do you get the same thing? For what it's worth, I'm doing this exercise in ProAnimator, which shares the same modeling core with Invigorator.

Having said that, if you're using the most current version of either app and find a repeatable bug, please send it to Zaxwerks along with the steps you took. You might also send the project file, but if this issue happens all the time, that may not be needed.


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