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Brian Scheffler
media search
on Oct 20, 2010 at 7:03:33 pm

Flo, I have been speaking with Matt at Media 100 and he suggested I ask you a couple questions I have about setting up Media 100 with a SAN. Of course, tips from anyone will be appreciated. This is my first time posting on Creative Cow, let me know if I didn't give enough info.

The education company I work for used Media 100i systems for years before switching to FCP. We have a Xsan system which I am using for testing purposes but we will be upgrading that as well when we switch to Media 100. I am looking at getting a Studio Network Solutions EVO for the SAN. I am wondering if the following setup sound workable.

Would like to get a 32 T SAN but 16 T may be all that is in the budget this year, if I do go with the 16 T we will use some Synology NASs we have. Currently I am testing using NAS storage devices and the Xsan we already own.

SAN- media files acquired live from all 4 studios
NAS 1 (we will be using 3 NASs)- Media 100 projects from 4 studios and 5 editing suites
NAS 2- exports from 4 studios and 5 editing suites, export video will be imported to projects in all studios/suites
NAS 3- media files acquired from all 5 editing suites

The 4 studios computers connected to a SAN using 2G fiber channel and to the NASs using a Gigabit ethernet connection.

The 5 editing room computers connected to the SAN using iSCSI over ethernet (for editing, not capture) and to the NASs (for capture) using a Gigabit ethernet connection.

Most of our Macs are Intel but we do have a couple PPC G5s. Most are on OS 10.5.7, a couple are 10.5.8.

When I reboot the computer I used for capturing, or open the project on a different computer it can't find the media. If I go to media locations the media folder is listed but is red and in italics. If I double click on the folder name find the correct folder and hit open my media re-links. It stays linked if I close and reopen the project but not if I reboot or switch to a different computer. I also have to re-select media destinations. The project files and media folder are stored in the same place regardless of which computer I am on. If possible I would like to be able to move between computers without re-linking.

Matt said it may be a problem with the order the drives are mounted when the computers boot.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Floh Peters
Re: media search
on Oct 22, 2010 at 9:19:24 am

Wow, that sounds like a somewhat complex setup. We have several systems on a SAN plus an OSX Server based fileserver, but not in this kind of mixed SAN/NAS environment. And on our SAN and fileserver, all projects relink and the Project Media directories are found automatically.
Do all media directories show this problem? Or only those living on the SAN, or on the NAS? Do you have a chance to try only the NAS or only the SAN part of it (like hooking one system up only to the NAS, opening a project, restarting the system and opening again)?

One issue that could be causing you troubles is the fact that Media 100 does write database files into its media directories to get a quick overview about the files within a media directory folder. Maybe these are not updated correctly on either your SAN or NAS, maybe due to access privilege issues? Do you have full read/write access to all your media directories?

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