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Codec for HD, Settings for Episode

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Natasha Macheiner
Codec for HD, Settings for Episode
on Sep 6, 2009 at 12:02:03 pm

Hi everybody,

We are working with media 100 ESD version 12.6, our source material was shoot with a p2 camera. (1080i50). The footage was shoot in hd, edited in hd, then transformed to sd letterbox 4:3 and broadcasted sd 4:3. For making quicktime movies we used so far either the media 100 codec or the apple pro res 422 hq.

Now we changed the whole post production to hd 16:9. Suddenly we have following problems: the apple pro res 422 codes doesn't achieve the quality we would like to have. So we changed to h.264 (the results so far are ok.) we also have to render all movies which are broadcasted to the internet into flash movies. We are are working with episode 5.2.0. But now the results are horrible. As well as when we have to make a dvd in dvd studio pro - the h.264 is not working at all. The apple pro res looks horrible.

(Sorry, if this is not the right forum, but we don't know if we already have to chance any settings in the media! And we are going to post this at the episode forum aswell.)

So here our questions:

Which is the best codec for quicktime movs if footage ist hd 1080i50 and which setting do we need for a flash 9 files.
Which setting do we need for best results to get a sd dvd 16:9 from the hd footage.

We used following settings in episode:

File extension: flv
Encode Flash Video / Lame P3
Same as source setting (timecode)

Flash Video:
Average rate: 900
Frame skip: 0,10
VBV buffer size: 5
Intra block RE§fresh
Intra refresh distance 50
Use 2-pass encoding
500 frames

Complete Interlace
Deinterlace Chroma

768 x 432
None (Distrot)
Interploation Methode: Automatic
preprocessing: nothing
Interlace optins: automatic
Assume 16:9
Output display: automatic
Output pixel: 1 : 1

Thank's for your help in advance!!!!!
Nasha & Karin

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Michael Slowe
Re: Codec for HD, Settings for Episode
on Sep 6, 2009 at 9:12:18 pm

You raise an awful lot of points here!
Preparing stuff for the web and making good DVD's are two separate jobs needing different workflows. The compression required for each is different. The web needs more compression and this varies according to how long the piece runs.
For DVD's I use BitVice to encode my finished HD Media 100 timeline, keeping in the Media 100 HD codec for all the post production after shooting in 1920 X 1080i. The BitVice downscale in their latest version is very good so I export from Media 100 to a .mov and let BitVice do the downscale and encoding. I then use Compressor for the audio and then Studio Pro for formatting and finally Toast for burning the disc.

Your other questions will have to be addressed by people with more technical knowledge than I have.

Michael Slowe

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Natasha Macheiner
Re: Codec for HD, Settings for Episode
on Sep 7, 2009 at 6:42:03 am

Dear Michael,

I know that we raised an awful lots of points here, but we are really despaired! Thanks for your hints, we are going to try this out today. hopefully all the other questions will be answered in the meantime.

Have a nice day

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David Issko
Re: Codec for HD, Settings for Episode
on Sep 12, 2009 at 2:50:29 am


I will concur with Michael about HD to DVD via Bitvice & Compressor. I will add a little to the Bitvicxe process and that is if you are outputting the program from M100 using by reference mode, you should check 'Use Studio RGB' ON. This will assist in keeping black levels correct. See detailed info in BV user guide.

Use Compressor to change audio to Dolby Digital.

I obtain spectacular DVD results in this way.

I am very sorry that I cannot assist with Flash.

Best wishes

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