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Audio Levels and Program B1, and other items

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Jim Jorstad
Audio Levels and Program B1, and other items
on Feb 23, 2009 at 6:23:22 pm

We have been using 13.01 for a bit now. Generally it's been working okay but have encountered several mysteries, at least for us.

1) In the new audio mixer, there is a B1. What should this be set at? The problem we are having from day to day, sometimes we will finish editing, with audio levels set, the next day they sound lower? Last night our MAC froze, forcing us to restart the computer. When we played back the program the levels on the timeline didn't change, nor did the buss level, but all the audio levels were way too hot. This caused us to go through the whole program and lower the sound levels. So, what should the output on the audio mixer be set to, and why the inconsistent levels?

2) When working on transitions, at times the clips disappear without warning. This makes you go back to the timeline expanding button and they reappear. It seems like the timeline just doesn't refresh itself.

3) When dragging copying a Quicktime movie (After Effects CS3 animation) and pasting it into the timeline, it caused the computer to go into never never land, making you restart the computer. Any ideas there? Has anyone had any unusual problems with animations created in AE CS3 within Media 100 HDe 13.01?

Thanks for your comments. We appreciate any feedback or guidance.

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Wickham Strub
Re: Audio Levels and Program B1, and other items
on Feb 24, 2009 at 3:35:19 am

Sorry, not many answers, mostly just more questions.

1. The answer to the question about where you should set your levels sounds like what Yogi Berra would say if he worked in Tech Support, "You should set your levels where you need to set your levels."

Do you use a reference tone to 'calibrate' your particular setup? How are you monitoring your audio? Via a junction box to speakers is one possibility, usually with a mixer and/or an amp in between. The other most common method is out of the Mac's audio outputs to speakers, maybe simple powered speakers or some sort of more complicated signal path.

Either way can offer as many as 3 places to adjust the audio levels AFTER the signal has left the junction box. That doesn't count the 2 or 3 places in the application. Your description of the behavior after the crash makes me wonder if you're monitoring the Mac's output, which may have been 'adjusted' as a result of the crash.

2. When you write that the transitions "disappear", do you mean they stop working and play back as cuts or do you mean you can not see them represented on the timeline anymore?

3. You seem to specifically describe "dragging" a clip to the timeline. Does this mean that you get a different result if you copy it in the bin and then paste it in the timeline? What if you bring it to the Edit Suite first and then to the timeline? All methods 'should' work exactly the same.
What can you tell me about the file from After Effects? Codec? SD or HD? Frame rate? etc...

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Gregg Michaels
Re: Audio Levels and Program B1, and other items
on Feb 26, 2009 at 2:41:26 pm

Hi Wick. We recently upgraded our HDe system to 13.0.1 from 12.7.1 (PPC) and we're having similar audio issues. Default audio levels are quite a bit crispy sounding, but the levels on the mixer are not corresponding to what we're hearing. In fact, the visual levels on the mixer look fine. Even when we lower the level on the mixer, the audio still sounds burned. As a workaround we changed the audio level out to +18db (Europe) and all is well. Our speaker system is connected to the analog (RCA) L/R outputs. Interesting that our HD Suite(Kona3) system is not having this issue, just the HDe. Both systems run MacOS 10.5.6 and Quicktime 7.6. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to fix this.


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