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What's on the (Quicktime) Horizon?

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Andrew Mehta
What's on the (Quicktime) Horizon?
on Dec 24, 2008 at 6:43:28 pm

How likely is it a future version of Quicktime will reinstate M-JPEG B support?

I finally got my MacBook Pro, and it came with 7.5.7 preinstalled.

I still haven't redeemed my Boris FX competition prize of free software yet, but was hoping to get M100 Producer. ^_^ Feel like waiting first till this whole issue gets resolved, but dunno when the next Quicktime release is, or if Apple are aware of the problem and working on a fix or not.

Browsing some other forums, I heard the same problem occurred in 7.4.0 but was solved in 7.4.1, another forum suggested enabling legacy codecs in the Quicktime settings (to no obvious avail), and finally, Wikipedia mentions something called Quicktime X to be released in tandem with Snow Leopard...!?

In short:
1) Is Apple aware of the problem? [If not, should we be submitting feedback?]
2) Any news on when the next version of Quicktime might arrive?

I won't need to do much video editing on my MBP till half way through next year, so was just wondering if it's really worth messing about with Pacifist for an immediate work around, or if I might as well hang on a bit for any impending Quicktime versions that might fix the issue.

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Floh Peters
Re: What's on the (Quicktime) Horizon?
on Dec 25, 2008 at 1:30:45 pm

[Andrew Mehta] "1) Is Apple aware of the problem? [If not, should we be submitting feedback?] "

As far as I know Apple acknowledges the problem, and I would guess that the next major update (like QuickTime 7.6 or so) should fix it. Some additional feedback to Apple about this problem can cause no damage, though.

[Andrew Mehta] "2) Any news on when the next version of Quicktime might arrive? "

Come on, we are speaking about Apple ;-) You would not expect them to even tell you what time it is, let alone to speak about "unannounced products". One thing you should keep in mind is that while the MJPEG B codec and with it the Media 100 i codec is broken in QuickTime 7.5.5 (and 7.5.7), all the other codecs in Media 100 still do work. So if you are working in DV, ProRes or any other supported codec, you won´t see the problem. OF course most of us have some amounts of legacy material in the Media 100 i codec, and we all are looking forward to a solution to this problem (and the Media 100 guys did push Apple to work on this). I think currently the best way would be to downgrade QuickTime (as long as you don´t want to buy movies from the iTunes store), but I am somewhat confident that Apple will release a fix for our problems in the next months.

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