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Purple video in my bin

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Eric Nicastro
Purple video in my bin
on Dec 11, 2008 at 6:52:19 pm

I am using Media 100 v8.2.3. All the video in my bin in any project i open is purple. When I double click on it and play it, it plays normal. I plays fine in the program too. But in the bin, all the video squares are purple. How do I fix this?

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Wickham Strub
Re: Purple video in my bin
on Dec 11, 2008 at 10:11:36 pm

I'm going to guess that you have QT v7.5.5 installed. Get Info on the QuickTime app to be sure.

If so, the what you are seeing is QT 7.5.5's inability to correctly play the M100i codec (a variant of MJPEG-B).

The reason the clips play fine in the Edit Suite and Program windows is that the P6000 (or Vincent card) is doing the playback at that point. The poster frames in the bin(s), however, are creating in software using QT player. Thus, the poster frames are no good, but the video is still OK when played with hardware.

So... that's what's wrong with your system. Now here's what you can do about it.


Reverting from QT 7.5.5 to QT 7.5
The following procedures are officially unsupported by Apple, Inc. and Boris FX - Media 100. However, if you wish to backup from QT 7.5.5 to QT 7.5, this is the only way to do it as of this writing.

You cannot simply downgrade with the QT 7.5 installer, even after deleting the Receipt files from your Library folder.
You can, however, downgrade with a shareware application called "Pacifist". It is designed to do unsupported installs and anecdotal reports suggest that it works fine with the QuickTime 7.5 Installer.

Be sure to download the correct QT 7.5 Installer. Running an installer that does not match your Mac OS will result in a Mac that won't boot!

You can download a QT 7.5 Installer for Leopard v10.5 here:
You can download a QT 7.5 Installer for Tiger v10.4 here:
You can download a QT 7.5 Installer for Panther v10.3 here:

1- Download the appropriate QT 7.5 Installer - See alert above
• Mount the downloaded Disk Image to reveal the installer package inside

2 - Download and Install Pacifist
• Find it here:
• Mount the Pacifist Disk Image
• Copy the Pacifist folder to your Applications folder

3 - Remove the receipts for QuickTime 7.5 and 7.5.5
• Go to MacHD > Library > Receipts and delete the packages (.pkg) for QuickTime 7.5 and 7.5.5

4 - Use Pacifist to bring you back to QT 7.5
• Launch the Pacifist app
• Click the "Open Package..." button and point Pacifist to the QT 7.5 Installer Package (inside the disk image that you downloaded from Apple)
• Highlight (single-click) the "Contents of QuickTime75..." package in the bottom half of the Pacifist user interface
• Click the Install icon at the top of the Pacifist UI
• When asked what sort of operation you'd like to do, choose to "update"
• When asked about replacing files, check the checkbox to remember decision and then click the "replace" button
• When it's done, restart the Mac and you should now be back to QT 7.5

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Eric Nicastro
Re: Purple video in my bin
on Dec 12, 2008 at 9:22:05 pm

That fixed the purple squares showing up in my bin but now I have another problem. This so far only seems to happen when I have the Media 100 application open. But since I've rolled back my version of quicktime, my desktop seems to "refresh" itself every couple minutes. Refresh is the only word I can think of that describes it best. What seems to happen is all the icons on the desktop disappear for about a second or two then come back. Well when it does that, it changes the program I'm in and switches to the desktop. So if I'm capturing in the Media 100 or exporting in the Media 100 or playing something in the Media 100, it stops what it's doing. It only started doing this after I rolled back my Quicktime version. Any suggestions?

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Floh Peters
Re: Purple video in my bin
on Dec 12, 2008 at 9:25:24 pm

Only two ideas: either wait for the next Quicktime update (whenever this may arrive) and hopefully a fix for the MJPEG B codec problem, or reinstall your OS and upgrade only to QuickTime 7.5. Not sure what the cause for your redraw problem could be.

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Wickham Strub
Re: Purple video in my bin
on Dec 12, 2008 at 9:28:59 pm

One other thing to check before opting for the "Nukular" option of reinstalling your OS.

Be sure that you downloaded the appropriate version of QT 7.5 for your particular OS. We have had various reports of bad behavior when users installed a QT intended for a different OS.

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Isabell Springer
Wick is my HERO!!!!
on Dec 21, 2008 at 4:43:52 am


OMG. Thank goodness I thought to search for a M100 forum, and to find the thread about the mysterious "purple clips" was such a relief. I called Tech Support today knowing good well that I did not have an active contract but then in my act of desperation, I found YOU giving your brilliant support on CreativeCow. I am a first timer here. Anyhow, thanks once again for being the most proficient, professional technical Daddio I have ever met. I have resolved this issue today with your instructions that were so beautifully laid out step by step, it really helped. Back to my deadline. Merry Xmas.Regards- Isabell from FLA:-)

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Gerry Condez
Re: Wick is my HERO!!!!
on Jan 24, 2009 at 12:59:35 am

You're my hero too. But not sure yet. I remember seeing similar color clips and did nothing yet because I was just testing my setup. Clips played though. Just happened that I was reading this forum and realized I might have the same problem. Unfortunately, I trashed those test clips but I checked that I have Quicktime 7.5.5. Thanks

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