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M100 Crashing after resync audio.

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Paul Crowe
M100 Crashing after resync audio.
on Nov 27, 2008 at 1:00:23 am

Hi folks a while ago I posted an issue I was having with version 13 trial. M100 was crashing whilst re-syncing audio tracks. Floh suggested this solution which worked.

But the plot thickens because I've now purchased it via download and I have this really weird similar issue happening.

Okay so I acquire in PAL DVCAM footage from tape with two tracks of audio. I drag the audio from tracks 1&2 to 3&4 and un-sync them. Cool no worries. But when I re-sync the tracks on 3&4 M100 crashes. So I restart and unsync then re sync the same media on tracks 1&2 it's fine. But if I do it on any other audio track it crashes.

This time I don't think it's it's got anything to do with corrupt media (unless I'm missing something) because I've tried this on several projects and several timelines with various media and it crashes on all of them - but as I say only when resyncing audio other than tracks 1&2 ... arrgh!

Hope this explanation makes sense. Can anyone enlighten me? Because it's driving me nuts.

Running G5Quad - OSX10.5.5. Loads of Ram, plenty of storage.


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Wickham Strub
Re: M100 Crashing after resync audio.
on Nov 27, 2008 at 2:04:08 am

Hi Paul,

First off, I'm a little unclear why exactly you're unsyncing the audio tracks. Perhaps that's not part of the puzzle, so let's ignore it for now.

I haven't actually heard of THIS specific problem, but...

It sounds like it 'could' be related to a bug that we're working on where attempting to re-acquire audio that has been "remapped" in the timeline results in the audio simply NOT relinking. Based on the workaround we've developed for that , try the following for your case:

- If you've got a clip you want remap the audio for, double-click on that clip in a bin (it MUST come from a bin) to load it into the Edit Suite.

- Click the Track Remapping button and make the changes there (small tip: you don't have to close this window for the change to take effect).

- Bring the clip from the Edit Suite to the Program.

Now, do whatever it is that you've been doing that causes the crash and see if it still happens. We'll all be away till Monday for the holiday so I can't test this myself till then. I'm hoping that the fix we're working on for the re-acquire problem will also "fix" your problem too.

Let us know how it goes.


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