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Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?

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Jaeson Koszarsky
Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 27, 2008 at 5:52:38 pm


We do mostly commercials that go out the door in SD format. But we shoot HD and occasionally edit the projects in HD.

Is there an easy way to export a 640x480 4:3 MOV proof that we can send to clients via email? I just want to crop the sides off. I tried playing with the export size settings but it seems to just squash the 16:9 frame into a 4:3 frame rather than cropping it.

My current work-around is exporting a movie at 853x480 and then applying a mask in QuickTimePro to crop the sides.


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Wickham Strub
Re: Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 27, 2008 at 7:54:09 pm

Okay, I just tried a few things in v12.7.1. This might work for you.

I'm going to be honest here and tell you I'm not sure that all of the features are in v11.5 the way I'm about to describe them to you. Your mileage may vary.

- With your HD program open, go to the "Media" menu and choose "Conform Program..."
- In the "Conform" window, set "New Standard" to "SD 4x3"
- In the bottom half of the "Conform" window you should have the option to choose "Crop"
- If you see a check box labeled "Make re-aquirable media offline (to re-acquire later)", be sure it is UN-checked
- Click the "Conform" button
- When it's done, you should have a new SD version of the timeline with the sides properly cropped
- You can now export THAT timeline and get what you want

Let us know if it works in v11.5


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Jaeson Koszarsky
Re: Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 28, 2008 at 3:09:07 pm

I tried the conform option in v11.5 and it worked as advertised. Thanks.


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Chris Clephane
Re: Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 29, 2008 at 2:26:01 am

There's always the "simple-no-thought" method.......

Use the built in hardware scaler.

(The scalers on the HDx and AJA boards are pretty stellar.)


Set the component output to SD 4:3 (with a crop)...hit RECORD on your Beta deck.....Play your HD timeline out in Cropped SD to the Beta deck.....

Redigitize the spot/clip/program in SD 4:3.

NOTE: All the potential Quicktime EXPORT SW conversion issues are negated....No flicker. No shimmer. No interlacing issues. No pixel shifts. Nothing to screw up. The aforementioned CONFORM method works well....but how fast is your machine? How much available storage space do you have? Sometimes THIS method might be quicker/better..... or maybe not....

Its just another alternative for 'ya.

Not as elegant as the "CONFORM" method, but it works correctly EVERY time with little or no a predictable amount of time regardless of your machine's hosrepower..

I edit video. I post sometimes.
I fix things. I eat marshmallows.
I play drums. I drink scotch.
I like TV.

Done typing now.

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Wickham Strub
Drifting OT: Re: Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 29, 2008 at 3:29:46 pm

Nice one Chris!

Reminds me of when I was teaching Video Production in a high school with a cobbled together M100 v4.5 system on a used Mac 9600 with a whopping 4.5 GB drive array ($2000 for that array!).

We had a music library on CD and had discovered that some CDs would import into M100 and some would not. No rhyme or reason, but when you found a CD that wouldn't import, you had to give up on it 'cause it was NEVER going to import.

So one day I'm reviewing one of the student's work and he's got one of the "unusable" audio tracks in his timeline.
"How'd you get that to work?", I asked him.
He looks at me as nonchalantly as possible and says, "I brought the CD player over from the other edit bay and just digitized it."
"You clever little...", I thought and walked away with a valuable question that I try to approach every problem with...

"Do you need this to work or do you need it work the way it's supposed to work?".

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Michael Slowe
Re: Drifting OT: Exporting SD 4:3 MOVs of HD 16:0 projects?
on Aug 31, 2008 at 9:53:35 am

Wickham, while you are on line (Media 100 never sleeps) can you tell me if the quality of the downconvert (conform) in the HDx systems is maintained in the new AJA versions? They operate differently don't they and I find the HDx conform quality quite brilliant. I used to do the downconvert within BitVice but now believe that the Media 100 is better.

Michael Slowe

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