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Internal Drives and M100i v7 and v8

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Maxwell Federman
Internal Drives and M100i v7 and v8
on Aug 5, 2008 at 4:27:58 pm


The manuals for m100 v7 (mac os9) and v8 (mac osX) both clearly state that media files should be stored in external drives for m100 systems. However I am having some annoying raid I/O errors on my system particulatly w/ my version 7 system.
I am hoping somebody can tell me if it works alright to use a second internal drive to store media files I intend to use in bins and programs.
Thank you very much; I appreciate your assistance!


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Chris Clephane
Re: Internal Drives and M100i v7 and v8
on Aug 5, 2008 at 7:55:27 pm

Data rates are key.

QUICK ANSWER: it probably depends a LOT on the machine you are working with.

Keeping the data transfer on the PCI bus is the main reason for this spec.

The PCI bus in older machines had the greatest ability to move data efficiently from the storage drives to and from the Media100 boardset.

A SCSI card on the PCI bus was much more efficient at handling the data in multiple simultaneous transactions than the onboard PATA/IDE/SCSI controller.


The "built-in" drive interfaces were not set up with as much bandwidth (as the PCI bus) and did not handle the attachment of multiple drives (4+) as easily...if at all.

A 4+ drive raid attached to a SCSI interface on the PCI bus (NuBus bus) was for (15+ years) the most reliable method of transferring data for Media100 systems.

That stated..if you are working with low data rates and simple A/B edits on an older Media100 system....say in a dual 1.25 G4. If you put a single FAST PATA drive on the 100mhz PATA bus and used it only for media (keeping the startup drive and CD/DVDrom on the 66mhz PATA bus.) You should be able to edit most projects with few issues until the drive reaches about 70%/80% capacity.
(Interestingly...the Dual 1.25 G4 has 3 internal PATA busses to choose from 33/66/100...even though you are supposed to only be able to use two simultaneously. Each bus can handle 2 drives. Yes, go look...there are 3 PATA connectors on the motherboards of these machines...)

Conversely...if you were working on a Blue& White G3 (400mhz) that only has one internal 33mhz IDE/PATA bus.....a second internal media drive would not fare as well. I would not expect great data rates..or the ability to put a very large drive on thais machine due to bios limitations.

Additional drives on a SCSI card or PATA card ON the PCI bus...should work just fine... See the difference? We ran an OS9 version of Media100 on a BWG3 400 with 4 internal PATA drives on a Sonnet PCI/PATA adapter card after the SCSI drives failed. Worked great. It took 3 different cards to find one that was compatible with the OS version though....

Anything older than a G3 you are REALLY looking at compatibility issues. We had problems finding cards and hardware that worked with OS versions earlier than 9.1....and that was over 5 years ago. I can't imagine what it would be like today....


ALSO note:
An internal drive on a 66mhz or higher ATA bus will always work faster the an external firewire drive in older machines. (B&W G3/G4, etc) Forget trying to use external USB drives for anything other than SHUFFLING media on older systems...the interface is just NOT fast enough.


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Maxwell Federman
Re: Internal Drives and M100i v7 and v8
on Aug 6, 2008 at 12:47:20 am


Thank you very much for your detailed response.

After running some additional tests it appears that I had just needed to update some settings on the raid to fix the problem.

I do appreciate your assistance!

Thanks again,

Max Federman

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