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is media 100 v2.6 obsolete?

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David Fardow
is media 100 v2.6 obsolete?
on Aug 5, 2008 at 2:59:55 pm

yeah, it's a stupid question. and I know the answer. but my bosses don't. we're still charging people 50$ an hour for time in our "editing suit" which is Media100 v2.6 on a mac computer that I suspect was put together before I was born (Power Macintosh 8100/80av) with 2 external 4gig HDDs because when he got the thing that was a MASSIVE hard drive.

since I started working here I'm already better with the thing than my bosses but I'm wracked with guilt for charging people money to use it seeing as it's so old and they're mostly paying for rendering time which would be drastically lower on a modern machine and program.

but my personal grousing aside, is there anywhere I can find tutorials for this (very old) version of media 100? anywhere that I can learn a thing or two that I wouldn't have learned from about 8 months of periodic fiddling with the program?

telling my bosses to get something current isn't an option, I've been saying it since day one and they won't have any of it. so making the old version do what is needed is my only option.

especially needed: how to make a slide show of upwards of 500 images with cross fades between pictures without manually setting each transition.

thanks for any help anybody can offer.

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Floh Peters
Re: is media 100 v2.6 obsolete?
on Aug 5, 2008 at 3:35:09 pm

I am not sure if you do have a chance of finding manuals for your version. But one thing you could do is to download the manuals for V11 from (under Support->Downloads->V11), and have a look of what in the manual does already apply for 2.6.

Regarding your slideshow: have a look at your "Tools" menu if there already is a "Apply Transition to Range" command. If yes, this should help you with your transitions.

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Andrew Mehta
Re: is media 100 v2.6 obsolete?
on Aug 6, 2008 at 2:34:47 am

Hi,=) Am using Version 7,and I found it quite a startling discovery that holding down the OPTION key gives some new options when going through the menu bar. In fact, just the other week, I discovered holding in CONTROL made a difference too.
For example, in the program menu, "Select from Here in Track", just becomes "Select from Here" (i.e. ALL tracks) when OPTION is held in. Then if you hold in CONTROL, it becomes "Select Before Here"...=P...Fabulous.

Holding OPTION in on the FILE Menu, also gives a SAVE ALL feature. =P Wow!

Not sure if this stuff is in version 2....but is an example of something I went many months of using Media100 before realising.

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Robert Slenker
Re: is media 100 v2.6 obsolete?
on Aug 6, 2008 at 3:32:36 am

If I was doing a slide show like that and it featured that many pics I'd find any way possible to use a program like a DVD authoring program (ex. DVD Studio Pro.) A slide show that long would be so tedious and painstaking in an editing app. Of course, if all you have is that old power Mac you're probably S.O.L. I feel your pain. I ran v.4.5 for many years and have been using v.8.2.1 on a G4 since (same Vincent card.) It still works like a champ so I can't see retiring it. I do have a couple of Producer v.11 systems too. I also saw a live demo of Newtek's SpeedEdit a while back and doing programs like yours seemed really easy and fast on it too.

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