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a color correction workflow

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J K creative cow
a color correction workflow
on Jul 19, 2008 at 12:50:42 am

Hi all,

I have a very large project in Media 100.

I would like to color correct it via AE-CS3 (Synthetic Aperature Color Finesse) or Apple Color (thru FCP) and then finish off by encoding using BitVice. I prefer to use Color at this time.

What would be a sensible workflow from Media100?

p.s. I have tried exporting XML to both FCP and AE-CS3 and am unable to get it to work. I also tried exporting uncompressed to FCP and then sending it to Color, but this makes an enormous 290gb file which doesn't contain separated shots. Since I am more interested in preserving quality than saving time, I could go about 're-cutting' hundreds of shots via FCP (with the uncompressed file), so that Color separates them, but I thought there must be a better way.


FCP studio 2
G5 dual 1.8 PowerPC
Media 100 sw

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Floh Peters
Re: a color correction workflow
on Jul 19, 2008 at 8:29:21 am

[J K creative cow] "What would be a sensible workflow from Media100? "

First, you should think about which software you want to use. Both can be used, and both have their advantages. If you want to do only a colorcorrection/grading, Color is definitely the more powerful approach. But it has its problems (workflow issues), so you should be aware that it does not work as smooth as it is said. If you want to read about some Color problems jump over to the Cow Color forum, where we have discussed various issues.
Actually, the workflow from Media 100 to Color is most of the time smoother than the FCP->Color workflow, since you have to be very careful about what you send from FCP. If you want to go from Media 100 to Color, do the following:

Export your timeline (which should not be longer than 30 minutes; in case it is, break it down on 30 minute subtimelines) as a ProRes Quicktime file. Basically I would recommend working in ProRes as your "online" format anyway; so if you have reacquired and rendered everything into ProRes, you can do a self-contained export. Otherwise export as QuickTime into ProRes, and make sure that you export to 0-255 Computer colorspace. Then export an EDL of your timeline.
In Color, use the EDL as a Cutlist for your QuickTime and do your grading there. Render your grading, and reimport the rendered files into Media 100; select them all and throw them on your timeline, and you should be good to go.

If you want to go to AE, you most likely did not install the newest Media 100 AE project importer into your AE CS3 folder. In your Media 100 folder, there is a "AfterEffects PlugIn" folder. Copy the AE_XML Project Importer into your AE->PlugIns->Format folder, and you can import the XMLs exported from Media 100 into AE.

Now it is up to you :-)

Btw, if you want to do a colorcorrection you absolutely have to monitor your video on a video monitor. NOT on your computer screen; neither from AE nor from Color. Both are not representative of what you will see on a video monitor and you cannot use their computer display output for grading!!!

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