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vincent 601 card value

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Dana Hill
vincent 601 card value
on Feb 11, 2008 at 1:24:57 am

What is a Vincent 601 card and breakout box worth?

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David Colantuoni
Re: vincent 601 card value
on Feb 11, 2008 at 9:45:59 pm

Probably not a lot. If you ever plan on upgrading, hold onto it. It's your ticket to a discount if you upgrade to a newer Media 100 system. That is probably where most of the value is at this point.


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Lance Trimington
Re: vincent 601 card value
on Feb 11, 2008 at 10:10:08 pm

What Dave can't say really is that the card on the open market is worth almost nothing. For no other reason than technology and products have moved on . Trade it in and get all that the new versions add to your workflow

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Chris Clephane
Re: vincent 601 card value
on Feb 12, 2008 at 3:17:31 am

Ebay experiences....

The Vincent 601 goes for about $90-$175 on Ebay. They pop up now and then. Having software/dongle/and BOB really helps sell them, but does not seem to help the sale value $+ or $-.

The P6000 Lossless w. DV ---IF you have the SDI option and both BOB' can fetch up to $550-$625.

The P6000 DV usually runs about $300-400 with BOB.

Again, this all assumes Version 8.2.x and OS9 versions of the software, SW install CD's and a valid system key.

Boardsets without SW/license key or BOB go for much, much, much less.


Ironically the older Media100 cardsets (...and this seems to hold true with almost any other high-end edit system as well...AVID, ProTools, etc.) seem to negatively affect the system value of a configured system still installed a PC/MAC. If you have a configured system, it almost (strangely) seems more profitable to "part it out".
(POINT: Often the whole "SUM" is worth less on Ebay than the individual parts listed separately.)

EXAMPLE: A configured Media100 P6000 Lossless/DV/SDI in a Dual G4 1.25 only seems to fetch $750-900 (On the less and less frequent event that they sell as a system.)...
....whereas the Dual G4 1.25 Apple computer (by itself) still seems to fetch $650-700-ish on a good day.

Its no reflection on the Media100 in terms of resale, just really the general odd deal-seeking nature of Ebay buyers. And in the case of the Media100...most people still shopping for used boardsets are (producers/companies) looking for replacements or spares as their primary systems age, as they aren't ready to invest/upgrade yet in newer technologies.

....And the rest seem to be those super-frugal-do-it-your-selfers trying to "build" a 6-7+ year old Media100 system "on the cheap."


If you can...hold onto it and use it to trade-up to a new system. Its much more convenient. (( And I am guessing that most post houses got rid of their 601's the second the P6000 was introduced. The P6000 ran circles around the 601.)) So your market for selling a used 601 is probably very small...

And...for the hassle of dealing with E-bayers/shipping, etc.....don't ever forget how much YOUR time is worth.


Dem's my unsolicited (Scotch-Swilling Chicken-Wing-Eating) thoughts for the evening....

Good Luck.

I edit video. I post sometimes.
I fix things. I eat marshmallows.
I play drums. I drink scotch.
I like TV.

Done typing now.

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