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OT-but relevant... Ergonomics, how do you work?

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Juanjo Mora
OT-but relevant... Ergonomics, how do you work?
on Jan 18, 2008 at 2:06:17 am

Hi to everyone!

Just came back from the doctor, after almost 17 years editing video, it seems that my back is giving up.

Doctor recommended to try working standing up or getting a high end chair... and some physiotherapy to try and avoid surgery.

What do you use for work guys? Do you work seated or standing?

I know from the book "The Conversations" that Walter Murch works standing up, anybody else is doing the same?

I feel stupid, after so many years worrying about the latest CPU or disk array I never gave a thought about my body...

Can you give tips? Recommend chairs and or desks?



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Juanjo Mora
on Jan 18, 2008 at 2:08:57 am

By the way...

Maybe its a good idea to add a forum about work health and safety?

What do you think guys?



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Kieran Matthew
Re: OT-but relevant... Ergonomics, how do you work?
on Jan 18, 2008 at 1:04:53 pm

Hi Juanjo,

I work sitting down. I too have seen Walter's standy-up workstation and wondered if it works, but surely he just ends up with tired legs? He seems a fairly passionate sort of guy so perhaps he moves around a lot while working.

I have a high backed office chair, though one that has no particular back support as such. One of my colleagues had a chair with all manner of adjustable bits and I have to say it did seem more comfortable in a "still lets you work" sort of way.

TBH I have always been more concerned for my eyes, and take regular VDU breaks, plus keep my broadcast monitor just far enough away so I do a proper re-focus when looking at playback. But that's another topic altogether.

More of a ramble than an answer I'm afraid!


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Andrew Mehta
Re: OT-but relevant... Ergonomics, how do you work?
on Jan 18, 2008 at 11:59:59 pm

Yeah, I hurt my balls by sitting on a wooden dining room chair with a protruding ridge in the middle, when working on websites.

Very important to make sure you get the right chair then.
Due to problems inflicted earlier from crappy chairs,
the only chair I can sit and work on is a deckchair with a flexible plastic, that tilts downwards, so there's no pressure in that area.

I did briefly experiment with a Salli Multiadjuster stool, which is like a horse saddle, albeit has a gap in the supposed to be kind to blokes, but I think I needed a junior Salli stood, as am only a small guy, and the damn thing stretched me a bit, as it was generally too wide for me.
It is adjustable though,
and you can make it tall enough to almost be standing, if you want.
And it's supposed to be good for your back.
Am looking to sell mine if ya' fancy it.
...for more info.

Atm, I find my old plastic deck chair the most comfortable though. Even if I've had to take it to the blacksmiths twice now, for mending. ^_^

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