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Jack Shepard
Master to Tape/Time Code
on Oct 12, 2007 at 7:39:05 pm

I've never quite figured this out...

Is it possible to use/"export" the Internal Time Code from the Media 100 to record on to the deck (uvw-1800 for example) when mastering to tape? So instead of striping the tape and doing an insert edit onto the tape -- to be able to instead just record the timecode coming directly from the Media 100 and picture directly on to the tape?

If that is possible, what would the setup be for that?

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Re: Master to Tape/Time Code
on Oct 12, 2007 at 9:02:16 pm

[Jack Shepard] "If that is possible, what would the setup be for that?"

It is somewhat close to possible, but it is not the way you should work.

What you can do (and what we usually do) is let the Media 100 stripe the tape. Therefore we set up our timelines to the start TC we want to use for our program (10:00:00:00). Now go to Master to Tape, turn on Leader, set the mode to "Record" and "Beginning of Tape". Set the deck to "Internal" and "Preset" for TC generation, and master the leader.
Shortly before the actual program starts, cancel the master and set your deck back to "Regen". Then switch to Assemble, "Timecode" and use maybe 5 seconds of leader. The reason for this is that Crash Record (mastering to Tape via "Record") is not frame accurate. It usually is close, but of course if you want to do an insert or assemble edit later you would not be able to easily do that.
Therefore it makes sense to master the Leader first, and then stop and use the Assemble edit to master your actual program.

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jack Shepard
Re: Master to Tape/Time Code
on Oct 12, 2007 at 9:30:06 pm

Thanks so much. Going to give that a try right now.

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Joe Rugby
Re: Master to Tape/Time Code
on Oct 15, 2007 at 2:19:19 pm

Another way...

My default program in Media 100 begins at 00;59;59;28.

My programs begin at 1;00;00;00.

On my 1800 I hit timecode preset and set that to 00;58;30;02.

I put in a tape (I usually will ff & rew tape) and hit record. Switch the deck from local to remote.

In M100 go to master to tape assemble edit, pick my leader (usually these begin around 58;40),I usually specify my selection 1;00;00;00 - whatever with my in & out points on the timeline and choose timecode(instead of current position) for Destination.

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