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jimmy mac
on Aug 29, 2007 at 10:20:34 pm

I often use slow motion for certain clips - usually 75% speed, with "smooth motion" checked. I've never been happy with the rendered clip as it always goes slightly in and out of focus in areas, enough that it doesn't look "professional" to me anyway. I am still on 8.2.3 and a G5 dual 2 for now. (I've tried other speeds as well, down to 40% - which is used in medical video).
I just looked at Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with their new slo mo effect and it was awesome. I loved how all you do is put in your keyframes, select your speed, and it automatically blends on each end. Very clean.
Is there a way to get cleaner slo mo effects in M100 or in M100 Producer? (No Affter Effects please) If Producer can do this as well as Premiere Pro, I'll buy it tomorrow! I've been holding off upgrading to HDe and a new computer for a few more months, but......this Premiere Pro CS3 for Mac looks interesting. Finally, another DVD program (other than DVDSP) for Mac users.
It's almost worth spending the $799 to get excellent slo mo and then import it into M100, if it's possible. Plus, I'd also have Encore for DVDs and Flash......hmmmmm.
Thanks....any comments?

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Re: Slo-mo
on Sep 2, 2007 at 11:59:38 pm

I try and always use 50% or 25% with my Media100i 7.5, sticking to even figures, so it's either double the frames, or x4 the frames, etc, so there's no tricky maths or uneven numbers for it to process, and the final effect has always been perfunctory. I haven't seen Premiere CS3 on Mac yet though, so dunno how much better it is. I used to use Premier on PC before I bought my Media100i system, and I got annoyed at having to use different cursors from a cursor tool palette to do all the different functions(you have to switch from an arrow to a razor cursor before you can cut, etc), but to be honest I never had it long enough to really learn it, and/or any keyboard shortcuts it might boast.

I like the idea of upgrading to Producer at some point in the future too, when my budget allows (am a cheapo ex-student type), and I agree, keyframes for speed&slow-mo would be a great addition to the software.

Actually...I keep hearing all this stuff about Boris integration, and okay, v12 has selectable boris effects, but, I keep wondering when I'll be able to flip an arrow down on my M100 video track, and suddenly see a boris timeline beneath to which I can add keyframes. ^_^ Heehee. Might get a bit crowded or overcomplicate things a bit, but it's still what I keep imagining every time I hear a press release mention better integration with Boris. ;-)

*goes off singing The Spice Girls - when 2 become 1*....

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