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Audio & Video out of sync in ProTools!!

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Juanjo Mora
Audio & Video out of sync in ProTools!!
on Aug 16, 2007 at 10:59:18 pm

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with ProTools but, I'll give it a shot here, I'm also crossposting to the Audio Professionals forum.

I'm working on a Media100i v8.1.1, MacOS 10.2.8, 2GB RAM.

I've been working for sometime with an audio studio using the following workflow:

My timeline settings are 720x486, NTSC, 48KHz, NON-DROP FRAME.

I record my program to BetaSP and then to DVD with visible time code, I prestripe the tape with sync and time code so it's accurate.

I export my audio tracks as AIFF files 16bit @48KHz and then burn them to CD, all my audio tracks have two sync pops at the beginning two seconds prior to the program start (btw all my program starts are at exactly 01:00:00:00).

I send the DVD-Video and the DATA-CD to the ProTools house for sweetening, and it always has worked perfectly every time... until now.

This time the audio tracks are longer than the video by one second and twelve frames, so at the end everything is out of sync, at the beginning of the program everything is okay but at the end it's completely out of sync.

The ProTools guy works as follows: he imports the AIFF files to a ProTools session set at 48KHz, 16 bit, 29.97fps non-drop frame. The he digitizes the DVD via a Canopus card and imports the digitized video to ProTools, it has worked everytime... now it doesn't work.

We've been two days at it, I have redigitized the DVD and the audio files and compared thm to my Media100 timeline and everything matches, we've changed the video offset, the pulldown settings and otherparameters in ProTools to no avail.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Sorry for the long post and TIA.



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Juanjo Mora
Re: Audio & Video out of sync in ProTools!!
on Aug 17, 2007 at 11:53:33 pm

Well, at last we solved it.

It seems that the pulldown parameter in ProTools was on.

Also I decided to stop working with DVDs and returned to use QuickTime movies, the settings that work better for me are as follows:

Motion JPEG-B, 360 x 240, 29.97fps, single field, non-drop frame, date rate limited to 635 KB/sec, audio track is 16 bits @ 48KHz, uncompressed.

These give me small file size and good enough quality for doing lip syc in ProTools.

Also I included one sync pop at the head of the program and another sync pop at the tail.



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