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Media 100i Digitize Audio Error

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Media 100i Digitize Audio Error
on Apr 30, 2007 at 8:56:39 pm

I'm still pretty new to Media 100, but this is the sort of error that just doesn't seem possible.
Digitized Audio is good in Media 100 but does not export properly to Quick Time.

What happened:

1) Recorded Balanced Audio to a Cannon XL1 from a Boom Mic through a phantom amp.
2) Digitized from a Cannon XL1 into Media 100i.
3) Audio is clean with good levels inside Media 100.
4) Imported digital audio files into the project from CD, as well as voice over from another computer using a studio mic.
5) Levels were all set properly in Media 100; no peaks.
6) Exported the video to Quick Time.
7) The digitized audio does not play on single speaker computers, but the imported audio does play.
8) A DVD of the audio played in a dolby 5.1 system plays the digitzed audio purely from the right channel speakers, but plays the other imported audio from a center/right/left mix.
9) Re-importing of the defective audio into Media 100 results in 'normal' sounding audio. If that audio is exported, the above symptoms appear again.

How do I fix the original digitized audio so that it plays out of a center channel? Or is there something even worse going on?

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Re: Media 100i Digitize Audio Error
on Apr 30, 2007 at 10:33:59 pm

I've been working on this problem and found a work around of sorts.

By deleting one of the stereo tracks and duplicating the first stereo track, they will play in the center channel. Does anyone know why this is? It seems wrong to always have to delete a track and duplicate another track. I imagine it has something to do with the condenser mic being mono.

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Re: Media 100i Digitize Audio Error
on May 1, 2007 at 8:28:26 am

You definitely should check your audio setup.

What happens is that you have 2 channels on your camera; "Left" or channel 1 is the channel that has your Boom Mic, "Right or channel 2 is the one tha thas either the cameras onboard mic, or nothing.
When you acquire the audio into Media 100 i or if you place it on a timeline you can adjust the pan of each track. So when digitizing in the default settings and placing your audio on the timeline you should hear the mic sound on the left and nothing (or some noise) on the right when playing back from MediA 100. If this does not happen you definitely should check the way you monitor audio from your Media 100 system.
If you now expand the audio track where your Channel 1 is placed (probably A1), you will see a volume and a pan level. Adjust the Pan to the center and your audio should play evenly on both channels, giving you the exports (and the playback) you would expect.
Very basic stereo audio problem...

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