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Thomas Hughes
Color Correction
on Apr 23, 2007 at 6:29:42 pm

David C, I just posted this at the end of another thread below then realized it's so important that I needed to post it more promininently:

David C, Please register my vote to incorporate a color-correction ability just like FCP's, where you simply find something in the picture that should be white, click on it and it corrects all of the other colors based on that white.
It's really magic. Why can't Media 100 have it?
Whenever we're cutting on Media 100 and we've got a white balance that is so far off that I cannot correct it within Media 100, I dub to DVCAM, dig to FCP, color-correct, dub back to DVCAM, then dig back to my Media 100 (currently we have 6 Media 100 suites and 1 FCP suite). It's a little insane. So please, please come up with something like that. Thank you, -Thomas Hughes

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Michael Slowe
Re: Color Correction
on Apr 23, 2007 at 9:21:26 pm

Here, here, here, here. Colour correction is not easy other than simple brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. I was told about the FCP white balance adjustor only this week by someone who was frustrated by the Media 100 system. I only have Media 100 (version 11.5.1) and as a long time devotee I love it but Oh the colour adjustments.......I know the curves and graphs probably do a lot but unless you are a trained colorist it is tricky.

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Re: Color Correction
on Apr 24, 2007 at 3:59:47 am

Some Final Cut Pro users showed me three colour circles that they'd play about with, to gain a unique aesthetic. I've only got Media100 7.5, but I had invested in the old ICE card, and all the Final Effects filters you can use in After Effects and Boris FX, and was miffed that amidst all these, I couldn't get a similar look to my media. In the end I used a combination of Boris Color Balance and a weak ICE'd Glow, but it was a poor copycat. =P

Am looking forwards to using the realtime RGB ColourFX in newer Media100 versions, but I still don't know if it'll compare to what my colleagues were doing with those damn circles. =P All I got are graphs. Although I'm not knocking them as they seem similar to some photoshop filters.

Basically, I feel Media100 & Boris is good for literally correcting colour, but for boosting contrast in a stylish way, it fails to emulate the unique aesthetic FCP seems to instigate.

Then again, I may be creating a myth about the colour circles, as I don't use FCP enough to know how similar or dissimilar they are from what Media100 colour correction already offers.

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Ben Heusner
Re: Color Correction
on Apr 24, 2007 at 6:36:00 am

I'd like to add a vote for colour wheels too, for their ease of use and tactileness.

It's probably not "fashionable" to say it but I still love Curves. Looove them. Once mastered they offer such a huge flexibility for a wide variety of tasks. I also really appreciate that Media 100 has the ability to correct using both RGB and YUV curves. Using the Y lets you get some very stylish contrast without messing with your colours. You can also get some effects with YUV curves that are impossible to match in RGB.

I'm going to shamelessly plug my colour correction DVD sets here. A great deal of excellent correction can be done using a number of quick and straightforward techniques. In my work I use a number of different applications, but I use similar methods whereever I'm working because the tools are basically the same.

Having a one-click corrector and colour wheels would be great, but they're never infallible or always suitable. So I believe that having an understanding of the other colour weapons in your arsenal gives you a great advantage.

Thanks for letting me ramble,

Curious Turtle Professional Video
Training | Editing |Support

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Re: Color Correction
on Apr 24, 2007 at 9:25:31 am

Yes please! I too would love to see ther three wheel CC system in Media 100 & the white balance thingy.
Had a fast response from Media 100 re support of native XDCAM files - it's planned for early 2008. Thank you Boris for stepping up a league in responding to our requests & dreams.

G5 dual 2.7, OS10.4.8, 4G RAM
Media100 HD V11.5 & Producer, AE 7
3.6 terra RAID

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