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16:9 viewing

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16:9 viewing
on Apr 11, 2007 at 9:53:11 am

Hi Folks

I'm exporting 4 short by ref movie files out of media 100 V11.5 and putting them into toast in DVD Video Mode for client approvals. Thing is the project was shot in 16:9 and I've set my project up that way M100. However when I put the exported files into toast they're squashed and play back that way, even on a wide screen tv/monitors.

I'm going to get them authored properly when I've got sign-off. I've got another guy who does that for me and he takes care of the 16:9 thing and it all usually works fine. But it'd be great if I could get the approval copies done in toast to run in the correct aspect ratio.

Am I doing something dumb? Any help would be great.


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Wayne Abler
Re: 16:9 viewing
on Apr 11, 2007 at 3:09:46 pm

I'm not familiar with Toast for DVD authoring. Forgive me if I'm covering something you already know. 16:9 video for DVD is squashed, anamorphic. So there are two things to keep in mind when creating the DVD. First you have to make sure Toast is set up to support 16:9. That should flag the content as 16:9. Then your playback device needs to be set properly. If you're viewing on a 4:3 TV the DVD player should be set to "4:3 and letterbox" for proper playback. then your 16:9 video will display at the correct aspect ratio. Most computer playback systems will display it at the correct aspect ratio if the DVD was authored as a 16:9 disc. If your project is playing back as squashed 4:3 on a computer that's probably an indication that the 16:9 flag was not set in your authoring program. If however the video looks fine on a computer but not on a DVD player, then the DVD player needs to be set properly. If the DVD player is hooked up to a widescreen TV the DVD player should be set to 16:9. Most DVD players have a setup button to access the aspect ratio menu. Most players won't let you access the setup menu if a DVD is playing.

good luck


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Re: 16:9 viewing - Info FYI
on Apr 12, 2007 at 1:13:01 pm

"I'm not familiar with Toast for DVD authoring. Forgive me if I'm covering something you already know."

No worries, Wayne it was hearing it again that got me to thinking...and I stumbled onto this simple 'freeware' solution. So thanks!!

For anyone who's got Toast and is interested for future refference. Not sure if it's the ultimate solution, but it worked a treat for getting the
movies to play in the right aspect ratio for approval copies for the client (prior to having them authored properly)...

If your problem is only that the clips that were recorded as widescreen come out "squished", here's all you have to do in Toast:

1) Run the whole (planned) disk through Toast, but save it as a disk image. Or, if you've already burned a disk that's good in all other respects,
but just has clips looking squished, put that disk in your Mac.

2) Copy the complete VIDEO_TS folder from the image (or the burned disk) to your hard disk.

3) Change the privileges on the VIDEO_TS and on all the files in it from read only to read & write. (That's why you copied it to the hard disk,
you can't have write access to files in a disk image)

4) Now, open this VIDEO_TS folder with MyDVDEdit. Highlight each title set in the upper left window. For each of the squished ones, click the
"IFO" button on the lower big window and change the aspect ratio, which probably says "4:3", to "16:9 auto letterbox" using the pulldown. If any
are supposed to be 4:3 leave them alone.

5. When you're finished, save the changes and put the VIDEO_TS into Toast in data mode (set to DVD-ROM (UDF).
You'll probably need to Add a new VIDEO_TS folder and put the contents of the old one into it then rename the disc using _ instead of
spaces between
the title words. You might have to do this because often toast defaults to call the disc VIDEO_TS instead of just adding the whole folder to it,
it just adds the content to the data area (sounds confusing, but ti makes sense when you do it). Anyway, add another new empty folder naming
it Audio T_S. Then Burn. This disk will play just like the last one except that the titles that were recorded as widescreen will play letterboxed.

Hope this is of use to someone.


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