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Al Clarke
Media 100 and Boris
on Jul 21, 2006 at 3:55:30 pm

I appologize in advance - Media 100 is not my main editing system and I am trying to figure this out:

Media 100 8.1.1 and Boris 2.1

I am trying to simulate an interview that appears as if it is from 2 different locations. So on the left side of the screen is a 1/4 frame box with the "host" and on the right side is another 1/4 frame box with the "guest" and they are layered on top of an animated backround.

What is the best workflow to achieve this effect - should we make them comp clips to get the timing then launch boris? It's hard to do it straight away in Boris with no audio...

Any suggestions?


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Kieran Matthew
Re: Media 100 and Boris
on Jul 21, 2006 at 5:50:20 pm

Hi Al,

Couple of questions,

Firstly you say Boris 2.1, but which package, RED, FX, Graffiti ?

Secondly you say you want to simulate that the two people are in different locations. Are the two actually in the same shot, or are they in two different clips ?

Personally (assuming they are in different clips) I would set up a timeline with person 1 on the A (upper) video track with audio on 1&2, and then place the other person in the B (lower) track with audio on 3&4. clicking the mouse between these tracks will yield transition arrows which can be used to cut between the tracks. Use these to cut between the interviewees for the purposes of timings only at this stage. If there are times in the interview when the timings drift, correct them by spliting the clips and shifting them, leaving jumps or gaps where necessary.

Once you are happy with the positions of the two clips in relation to each other mark a range from a fixed point at the start of the clips to the end (use F1 for the start point, F2 for the end) save the timeline and then imediately save it again under a distinct name. Remove the clip(s) from the B line keeping the A track untouched. Export from editsuite as "range" & 'by reference' - call it "person A".

Open the original timeline, save as another distinct name. This time delete only the video from the A track (unsync the clips with apple-U first) leaving just the B video and all the audio in place.

Now create a composition in the graphics layer starting and ending at the same points as the range.
Go into Boris and set up your effect with the two boxes and the animated background looping beneath them. In one box put V1 (i.e. the clips left on the timeline below) and in the other the exported movie of "person A"

Apply the effect and set it rendering. After it finishes, look in your project media folder on your drives (by date order) and drag the rendered boris clip into your bin (it'll be the last clip made).

Now save your timeline and make a copy under a distinct name. On this timeline, remove the composition and the remaining video clips (leave the audio!) and place the composite clip you just imported on the timeline at the start of the range.

You should now have the composite clip of the effect with audio that you can still edit/balance. Where you have gaps/jumps in the video, cut in the other person full screen (or in a modified version of your effect) to cover.

Blimey, that was quite a journey! I'm sure there are other (and probably better) ways of achieving this, but hopefully it's a start.


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Al Clarke
Re: Media 100 and Boris
on Jul 21, 2006 at 8:31:59 pm

Thanks for the quick response - I will try this on Monday..........Al

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Mark Frazier
Re: Media 100 and Boris
on Jul 21, 2006 at 9:37:23 pm

An addendum to Kieran's description:

If you're lucky enough that the clips don't need to be lengthened or shortened at any time during the interview (if they were shot live as a two-camera interview, for example), you may be able to set them up in the V1 and V2 tracks; use Red or FX as your transition; build the boxes to push the video tracks into and create another track to assign your movie clip of background animation. Once rendered, you will (hopefully) just have to position it directly above the audio tracks. Once everything is in the proper place, lock the rendered video track to the two primary audio tracks and drag to a bin (it won't leave the timeline, but then you'll have it synced together in a bin - just in case.)

Also, after I render effects, gpx, etc., I use the "Find Media" (apple-option-F on the mac) and set whatever parameters I'm looking for. It will search your media folder and place the found clips in a "Found Media" bin. Then I just drag the clips I want into the bin I need them in and they're ready for me to use.

I'm always looking for a better/quicker/easier way to do just about everything, so I hope this helps you as well.


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Al Clarke
Re: Media 100 and Boris
on Jul 24, 2006 at 6:25:32 pm

Thanks Mark.

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