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media 100i xr 8.1.1 getting random bad video frame

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media 100i xr 8.1.1 getting random bad video frame
on Nov 11, 2005 at 2:50:24 pm

I am a longtime media 100 user and have recently upgraded to OSx 8.1.1 Media 100i xr on a mirrored drive door dual 1ghz machine. I am consistintly getting a stoppage of playback that says there is a bad video frame, THEN, It lists the timecode and then the render window shows up and says that there was a problem with the realtime fx. So far I have:

-Reinstalled my SCSI drivers
-Downgraded to QT 6.3 as it is the highest approve ver.
-restriped my drives
-reinstalled media 100
-reduced the amount of RAM to avoid OSx allocation issues to a single 516MB piece from 1.75GB
-cleaned and receeded all boards

I short, I can work in the timeline pretty well, but if I have to dump anything to tape this problem makes it impossible.

I am fairly desperate here please help!
first time cow user

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Re: media 100i xr 8.1.1 getting random bad video frame
on Nov 11, 2005 at 5:37:46 pm

512 MB are definitely not enough RAM. You should at least have 1GB to work reliably.
What kind of SCSI card do you have? Do you use the newest firmware for the SCSI card? What OS are you using? What drives? How do you stripe them? Where are your cards (SCSI and Media 100) placed in the G4? Are they placed according to the CPG?

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Dave Simpson
Re: media 100i xr 8.1.1 getting random bad video frame
on Nov 17, 2005 at 8:39:27 pm


I had a similar problem once. It could be your slot configuration, if you are using
a dual monitor set up with two video cards. The system might not be able to display your
Media 100 record or source windows on
the second display monitor, and playback at the same time.
The problem will be more apparent if the image is a very high resolution graphic etc.
Try moving your Video and audio monitors to the primary monitor,
or better yet switch them off when mastering to tape and watch on your VTR's monitor.
This worked for us.

Good Luck.

Dave Simpson

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