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I learned something new today...

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Proper Modulation
I learned something new today...
on Jan 10, 2007 at 8:28:57 pm

First off, this is in reference to a thread started a day or so ago by Bob Buruchian. He and I were working on the same issue.

I'll recap:

Our FCP was communicating with our Kona 2 fine. Everytime we'd switch a capture setting in FCP, the Kona would adjust it's native format accordingly, EXCEPT with 1080i 29.97 DVCPro HD. Kona would then switch to 1080i25. This managed to baffle us and Kona for 2 days straight.

-We trashed every pref

-We reinstalled Kona..different versions even.

-We unplugged, spun down, turned on, turned off EVERYTHING

-There was no peripheral or any device that had anything to do with PAL in that room

-whatever else you are thinking, we did..

FCP still switched the Kona to 1080i25 PAL whenever we wanted to capture at 1080i 29 DVCPro.

I immediately thought that these EZ Setups and Capture settings are just names and that perhaps the ACTUAL settings maybe different than what the name indicated (someone may have saved a custom setting into a factory EZ Setup) I went under A/V Settings and clicked the Capture Settings tab. The summary on the right reflected the proper settings for the 10801 NTSC capture setup we were using.

So no dice.

Today I spoke to a RUDY at AJA who asked that I go back in and check the Capture Settings tab under A/V settings. I told him that the summary reflected that everything was correct about this setting. He insisted we check anyway, and lo and behold, when I hit the edit button and saw the actual settings, our 1080i NTSC was set to capture a 1080i25 Pal signal.

Long story short....the setting summarys in FCP DID NOT reflect the actual settings. Has anyone ever heard of this before??

Rudy felt there must has been something corrupt about the setting file, as obviously no one went in and changed the file to 108025 after trashing prefs and re-installing.

That is all. Thanks to RUDY and HECTOR at AJA for being very patient and very commited to helping their customers out.


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Ryan Leimbach
Re: I learned something new today...
on Jan 11, 2007 at 12:15:59 am

I too have had this problem occur on two different machines and had to reset the Video Playback setting in the Capture Preset. Also have issues with Final Cut intermittently losing Final Cut Preferences.

Ryan Leimbach

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Bob Zelin
Re: I learned something new today...
on Jan 11, 2007 at 2:38:17 am

this is not your problem, but it's another little story. I have many clients with Kona and I/O, but just ONE client (on a Mac Pro) has an AJA I/O box, that works just fine UNTIL they switch to DV25 NTSC to capture from a Sony DSR-11 (firewire input - which I know "conflicts" with the AJA I/O. They disconnect the DSR-11 (even power down the MAC and I/O and reboot), and the AJA doesn't work again, UNTIL they trash the preferences. This is repeatable - but if they NEVER switch to DV25, there is never a problem.

SO, you know what the answer to this problem was? I found them a used DSR-1500, so they could take their DV tapes, and go in 8 bit uncompressed SD (just like their Beta machine), and they NEVER have problems anymore.

See - it's ALWAYS something.

bob Zelin

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Re: I learned something new today...
on Jan 12, 2007 at 3:36:17 pm

Somewhat related, but I have found that almost without exception, every time I switch the room setup from HD to SD, I have to trash everything, do Tiger Cache Cleaner and restart. sometimes even my SDI monitor playback shows nothing but snow, but the YRB playback is OK. the only way to shake the K2 back into SDI output again is to output something to tape. This seems to clear up the booger in there.

Of all the things I love about Avid and hate about FCP, it is this BS I have to go through on a project to project basis. Phooey!

steve covello
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