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AJA Kona LHI - very strange problem with connection of KHLi Box / Brekout Cable

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Robert Mroczek
AJA Kona LHI - very strange problem with connection of KHLi Box / Brekout Cable
on Dec 27, 2016 at 1:56:41 pm


I have a KONA LHi card and also I bought original KHLi Box (101841) / Brekout Cable (101884) - picture 6 and 5. But while I was trying to plug them both, by logic and according to an instruction - it should be plugged in way that logo of AJA and number 101841 should be on top (anyways, plugging it in wrong way is impossible, because of shape of plug and slot). But, by pluging it correctly, card haven't detected KLHi Box (diode wasn't lighted up on breakout box - no video and audio) - photo 1 and 3. The same thing was when I plugged Breakout Cable. When I was losing patience and I was nearly out of ideas, during checking all wires and connections one by one, I've mistakenly plugged that cable in wrong way (I mean logo was upside down) - and then card detected breakout box, diode lighted up, also video and audio showed up - but audio was in horrible quality (low sound level and "oversteering" signal, effect similiar to crackling appears (i don't know if I am using the right word) - photo 2 and 4. What is interesting I use a to level match signals between VCR (unbalanced) and KONA (balanced) - audio signal is for sure good. Also curious thing is if plug from computer side was plugged wrong, and from the breakbox correctly, the effect was this: video is fine, audio is distorted. But when we swap the way it's plugged - there's no video, and audio is also distorted as mentioned - photo 4. Next I've decided to check brekout cable (101884). And here situation is very similiar - if I plug in correctly from the side of computer (logo on the top) - no video and audio. If i swap this - I have video and audio, but audio also distorted.
To make sure I've installed Windows 10, newest AJA software from AJA website (AJA Software Installer v12.5), and also the newest trial version of Adobe PRemiere Pro CC 2017, all on another disk. Problem remains
Please, explain it to me how is it possible because I really don't get it. For me it's just impossible that both cables are damaged, so the problem must be with the card, but is it possible that slot is for example badly soldered?
Best regards


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Bryce Button
Re: AJA Kona LHI - very strange problem with connection of KHLi Box / Brekout Cable
on Dec 29, 2016 at 6:20:48 pm

Dear Robert,

Rather than hazard a guess as to what might be happening here, I'd like to recommend that you contact our support group at or by calling +1-530-274-2048. There could be a few things happening here, so it's best to have a list of your system setup configuration on the hardware front before calling as well as a list of all versions of software drivers, OS, Adobe noted to expedite the process.

All the best

Bryce Button
AJA Product Marketing Manager

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