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USE CUSTOM CLIP NAME overwrites erases last clip ALL recordings lost

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Dave Beaty
USE CUSTOM CLIP NAME overwrites erases last clip ALL recordings lost
on Mar 10, 2015 at 3:15:13 am

I am a new user of KiPro and I rented a unit for 4 days to record a live event that is running about 8 hours each day from my Panasonic P2 camcorder via SDI.

I thought everything was good. I had an image on SDI output. I had the record armed and running during the shoot. I could press playback and see the imagery from the last clip play back fine- proof of record. But one thing was puzzling. The % used on the disk kept starting at 99% each time I would power on the unit with it's 750 GB USB 3.0 drive.

I've been shooting for 30 years and when I use a digital recorder, even a rental with a freshly formatted drive, I'd expect pressing record would create a NEW clip. I was wrong. I discovered when I went to offload there was only one clip on the hard drive!!!! , that each time I hit record, the KiPro was overwriting the last clip with a new one. Without a warning, without any indication my video was being erased with the new clip. The only clue was that 99% capacity indicator. But being new to Ki Pro I assumed that was some weird interface thing with it.

Mounting the Ki Pro on a Macbook I saw only one clip called "". EVEN though I had been recording 5-10 clips of 30-40 minutes each. The Ki Pro was OVERWRITING them each time I hit record.

In the end we discovered an insidious little menu item called: USE CUSTOM

If that was left in the default mode of "CUSTOM" for the name & guess what? Each record press resulted in the last file being overwritten with a new one of the SAME name called Perhaps there is a companion menu to set up numeric naming. But I never touched any menus. I was set to destroy when I powered it on.

We turned that option OFF and tested record. Now working properly. Each clip is assigned a number. We lost a day of the conference. Not sure about this, if it's normal operation, old firmware or what. We suspect we had a button pusher on the last rental, pushing options they had no biz pushing.

USE CUSTOM CLIP NAME "Sound like a good idea!" This thing caused us hours of lost work.

Perhaps one or two will see this and avoid the same issue.

Dave Beaty
Dreamtime Entertainment
1625 SE 46th St
Cape Coral FL 33904

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