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Some issues on Ki Pro V3.0

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Rodrigo Allendes-Fernandez
Some issues on Ki Pro V3.0
on Mar 12, 2012 at 5:12:41 pm


I found some issues on V3.0 Software of Ki Pro:

Choose/Set 1.5 Out Convert (to SD)
Choose/Set 1.7 Out Component (to Out Convert)
Choose/Set 41.1 Video SG Format (to 720p 60)
Choose/Set 41.2 Video SG (to 100% Bars)
Choose/Set 41.3 Audio SG (to 1Khz)
You should have a sound signal test, but instead there's nothing.

Choose/Set 1.5 Out Convert (to None) and you will have signal test peaking.
Same if change Video SG Format.

Not tested with other frame rates.

On V2.0 if you used to record i.e. SC5ATK1, you couldn't set "Take 1" again. V3.0 can do it. But clip naming will respect your previous clips, so next clip will record as "Take 2".

For some reason, sometimes Ki Pro recognize input signal, but canĀ“t record it. Arri Alexa's Rec Out Frame Rate set on 24p or 24psf, then input to Ki Pro and Status Display shows "IN 1080psf 24 SDI / REC No Input SDI". On Red Epic, we set HD-SDI output on 1080p/29,97 but Ki Pro don't recognize it. Those frame rates and speeds are availables on the Video SG Format. So, whats wrong?

I create a playlist, but webUI don't let me move clips from "All clips" to "New Playlist". Using PC with Safari.

Anyone with same issues?
I'm keep on testings.

Best Regards.

Rodrigo Allendes-Fernandez
Video Assist Operator

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AJA Sales Department
Re: Some issues on Ki Pro V3.0
on Mar 12, 2012 at 6:26:25 pm

The Ki Pro only offers downconversions to SD for specific formats and frame rates. Those formats and frame rates are:
525i 29.97 (no actual conversion is performed)
625i 25 (no actual conversion is performed)
1080i 25 (downconverts to 625i 25)
1080i 29.97 (downconverts to 525i 29.97)
720p 59.94 (downconverts to 525i 29.97)
720p 50 (downconverts to 625i 25)
1080PsF 23.98 (downconverts to 525i 29.97)

In many cases, you may be alerted with an "Invalid Selection" alarm if you attempt an unsupported conversion when working with the Video SG; the STATUS button will flash if such a condition occurs. If you enter the STATUS menu and use the SELECT up/down buttons, you can navigate through the screens to see the alarm. Typically you should not need to perform a downconversion for a Video SG since a variety of formats and frame rates are offered in the 41.1 Video SG Frmt menu parameter.

Some of the clip naming logic does differ between version 2.0 and version 3.0 firmware. As noted, it respects previously named media to avoid clip name collisions. This is not a defect in the clip naming, but rather a difference in the handling of clip names to protect users under a variety of naming operations including Gang Recording operations.

The Ki Pro accepts a variety of formats from a variety of sources. Having said this, there are a variety of settings on both the cameras and the Ki Pro that may impact the ability to record. Certain conversions are not possible and certain settings, such as inappropriate component levels being selected, may block recording. In such cases, an alarm is typically presented. The Ki Pro does accept 1080PsF 24 and 1080p 29.97 signals for recordings. You should consider contacting AJA Technical Support to review your configuration; there may simply be a conflicting setting(s) preventing recordings.

When using the web UI to move clips from the "All Clips" to "Playlist", be sure that the device has not been left in Media State>Data-LAN. Playlist creation is designed to operate under the Media State>Record-Play because it allows you to review the clips prior to adding them to the playlist. The Media State>Data-LAN does not offer this capability. Media State>Data-LAN is meant for transferring media to/from the Ki Pro and was not designed as a video transport state. Again, it is probably best to contact AJA Technical Support to review your configuration and settings if you have these types of questions.

You may reach AJA Technical Support via phone or email between 9am and 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.

AJA Video Systems
+1 (530) 274-2048 Intl.
(800) 251-4224 US

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