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3/4" capture using Io--Codec suggestions and HD setup ideas

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Ted Langdell
3/4" capture using Io--Codec suggestions and HD setup ideas
on Jan 3, 2008 at 9:49:42 am

Hi, Io users...

I'm working with a lady in Portland, OR who has 400+ hours of 3/4" tape she wants to capture for editing with FCP. Some tapes have time code, some do not.

She has a Macbook Pro and FCS.

We'd provide a Sony BVU-950 with timebase corrector, timecode R/G and RS-422 machine control, along with picture and sound monitoring, waveform and vectorscope. and HD storage.

Looks like the Io is THE box for capture and machine control, and we'd include that in the system.

My questions are:

With 3/4" tape how much of a quality advantage is 8bit uncompressed compared to DV25?

(I'm calculating roughly 30.4TB for storage at 8bit uncompressed, VS 5.4TB for DV25)

Suggestions on best ways to manage the storage of either 8bit UC or DV 25 considering she's on a MacbookPro and not a desktop machine where cards for RAIDS could be inserted.

Since 400+ hours of work in capturing would be stored, we'd like to protect the Quicktime files from loss through mirroring or another method. Recommendations?

The lady is new to FCP, and when she originally edited these shows, she bumped the 3/4" material (selects, I would hope) up to 1" for CMX editing. The 1" edited masters were lost by a studio, and she wants to capture all her footage and re-edit on her Mac.

Some Portland-based FCP training or trainer would be helpful for her, if anyone has suggestions.

Thanks for your thoughts. Hope you're staying warm.

Ted Langdell
Ted Langdell Creative Broadcast Services
Marysville, CA
Main: (530) 741-1212

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Michael Sacci
Re: 3/4" capture using Io--Codec suggestions and HD setup ideas
on Jan 3, 2008 at 4:38:24 pm

One other codec to consider is DVCPro50, it is a 1/3 of 8-Bit uncompressed and only double DV25. But what you gain is much better color space over DV25 (4:2:2 vs 4:1:1) So if she wants to do any color correcting it will be much smoother. DV50 is a real good compromise and you have a lot more HD options with the lighter bandwidth load also.

Note: If you use the Io with a MBP you need to get a eSATA express card and eSATA drives. The Io takes up the FW bandwidth. But Sonnet makes a card that use can hook up 10 drives since it has port multiplier slots.

This is a very doable workflow.

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