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Betcam to DV setting, what does it mean ?

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Betcam to DV setting, what does it mean ?
on Mar 29, 2007 at 2:54:52 am

Almost as soon as I bought 2 aja products two years ago I stopped doing uncompressed SD work. Just
today though I needed to create some spot work and fired it up, and bingo, worked perfectly, even after all
that time, I was mucho impressed.

Anyhow, as I fumbled my way through the numerous settings I came accross a betcam component to DV setting
(I belive) which was of interest to me. Why ? well I work on a show that is shot on DVCAM, and is posted in a regular dv timeline, yep graphics etc suffer, but there is a massive amount of video ingested that stays on the drives and its just too much
to load via aja & store it uncompressed. That said, stringers will often shoot on Beta Sp, and since my DV deck doesnt have component in, I am forced to transfer material via s-video, results are often poor.

When I saw this setting it made me wonder. If I hook my beta up to aja via component, then use that setting, will the video somehow be transcoded into DV on its way into FCP ? Afterall everything is fed down a firewire pipe right ? I tried it, and while audio seemd to be registering, video was black. So...can this be done, or am I condemed to forever transfer tapes via s-video in ?

Or am I completely foolish and do not realize there is a way to take my dv into an uncompressed time line, edit without rendering ? I used to work on cinewave, which allowed me to mix resolutions without renderind (loved that). Can aja do this now ? Can anyone enlighten me on how to work with dv in uncompressed project, or how to bring in my beta cleanly via component and use it in a dv time line.

Guess i should have played around with the aja two years ago !

thanks in advance

fcp 5.1
mac dual 2.5
aja io
beta sp deck
jvc dv/hdv deck (component out only ), (composite, svideo, dv, hdv in)

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Re: Betcam to DV setting, what does it mean ?
on Mar 29, 2007 at 3:41:57 am

The component to dv setting does what you think it does. If you have a bunch of dv footage that you brought in via firewire, and all of a sudden the client comes in with a Beta tape, you can capture that beta tape to a dv codec. It can be done, the reason your video was black was perhaps a mismatch in settings somewhere. Hit control-q, choose the component beta to dv setting and away you go.


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Lee Berger
Re: Betcam to DV setting, what does it mean ?
on Mar 29, 2007 at 11:37:33 am

I do it all the time as I have projects primarily shot in DVCam, with some file footage on Beta. The results are quite acceptable.

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Michael McIntyre
Re: Betcam to DV setting, what does it mean ?
on Apr 2, 2007 at 4:22:19 pm

Ditto to the others here....

I was equally confused by this setting and left it alone. That is until I shot BetaSP for a client and the rest of their footage was shot on DV. I was able to capture with the DV setting and gave them selects of the footage (as DV) on a few DVD's. Worked great!

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