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Having drift in video with playback with Aja Kona Lhe card in FCP7

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James Vincent
Having drift in video with playback with Aja Kona Lhe card in FCP7
on Mar 29, 2013 at 12:35:49 am

reposting this in this section see if anyone here can help

Ok here is the dealio. MacPro's with Aja Kona Lhe cards running FCP 7. Aja Cards are up to date to 9.1 software.

So whatever settings in the aja control panel are obviously overidded when fcp opens it uses all the presets in fcp7. I have tried many things to get the video to playback at the same speed as the computer but it drifts. Here are the specs

Footage =

Apple ProRes Proxy 1920x1080p 23.98

Sequence =

Apple ProRes Proxy 1920x1080p 23.98

Now our ,monitors are s***. They are old sony crt monitors and being run from the kona lhe cards via rgb.

Now getting drift the more it plays the more it drifts. Now I am not referring to laying back to tape. Just editing. just editing. What are the correct settings for editing to see the footage at full speed on the sony crt monitors. It has to be a setting cause the other bays using the same sony crt monitors but with black magic cards work just fine. I always thought aja was better but this shoudn't be so difficult.

What settings are the correct settings?



40tb Xsan

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Mark Spano
Re: Having drift in video with playback with Aja Kona Lhe card in FCP7
on Apr 1, 2013 at 8:48:20 pm

If your throughput is compromised, audio will gradually lose sync with video. So much so that you can hit stop and play again and they will be in sync again and slowly drift out further and further.

Solution is one of two (or both) options: First, make sure source drives can actually play this source media. Open in QT player and play long clip - does it go out of sync just in QT player? Is the video choppy, dropping frames, etc.? If so, move the source media to faster drives.

Second: is the AJA card in the right slot? Check the slot configuration page here and make sure you've got enough lanes for the HD throughput. I had a system where this was in the wrong slot and had sync issues just like yours. Moving the card and configuring for enough lanes solved the problem.

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