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Trouble with Premiere, Kona Drivers

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David Beard
Trouble with Premiere, Kona Drivers
on Feb 26, 2013 at 3:18:26 pm

Hi Cow Gang,

So, I'm curious to see if anyone has any experience with this. I actually have two issues that I would like to resolve. I have recently moved over to a new workstation. I'm working on a 12 core, 64GB ram, GTX 570 2.5gb, Black Magic Extreme 3d, Red Rocket Card. I've recently moved over to an Adobe workflow, which I start on my old machine, which was a quad core with 8 gb ram, Kona 3, ATI 4870.

Now that I got all that out of the way, I can describe my issues. I have a feature that I have been working on for some time that currently sits with an almost completed rough cut using prores proxy 720 23.98 files. Project was shot with RED One, and the edit was started on FCP. I brought over one of my sequences of a scene to start playing around with conforming over to an r3d workflow. Once I started playing around with these files, I noticed two things. One, I was not able to output to my external monitor through my BM card. Two, I was always getting yellow render bars above my prores footage, even if I created a sequence from one of my clips.

This was really annoying for a couple of days. I was on the phone with Black Magic, Adobe, etc, and we couldn't figure it out. Finally, I realized that because the footage is 23.98, black magic doesn't like that format, and won't transmit. In FCP, I would simply select a 720 59.94 output mode for my KONA 3, and all everything would be happy. It seems as though the BM card automatically selects what output it needs based on the footage. Apparently, the ability to playback a 23.98 sequence through 59.94 is only available on Windows machines. I'm sorry, but this absolutely blows my head out. Why would they only offer this on a Windows machine. Can anyone offer some advice as to what format I should be transcoding out of Redcine X Pro for use with an offline edit. I exported a 59.94 file, and all that did was play my video faster.

Anyway, on to my next issue. If take one of these 720 23.98 clips, and try to create a sequence from that clip, I get a yellow render bar above my footage. On my old machine, I was able to do the same thing, and not be issued a yellow render bar. I noticed that there were differences in the Video Preview section of the sequence settings. On my old machine, the preview file format is 1280x720p23.98 Custom, and the Codec is Apple ProRes 422 Proxy. This makes total sense in my head, because that's exactly what the files are that the sequence was created from. On my new machine, both of those drop down menus are greyed out, and the format is set to I-Frame only MPEG, and I can't change these settings.

Through a process of trial and error, I found that if I install the Kona drivers on my new machine, I am able to create new sequence from one of these files, and I no longer get a yellow render bar.

On both machines, the process of creating a new sequence from a clip starts the beach ball of death for a while before the sequence is created. Not sure why this is such a processor intensive process. Before I installed the Kona drivers, this would happen almost immediately.

So, to recap, here are the two things I would like to figure out. What is the best way to transcode clips 720 clips out of Redcine X that are broadcast friendly, i.e., 59.94, and retain the 24 fps look. Also, why are the kona drivers necessary for me to create a sequence that doesn't need some sort of rendering in Premiere.

Any help anyone would be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.



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