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Bringing in HDV Timecode breaks with AJA - as 59.94 instead of 23.98

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Rachel Kodner
Bringing in HDV Timecode breaks with AJA - as 59.94 instead of 23.98
on Dec 22, 2010 at 5:18:25 pm

We shot a wedding with our JVC cameras, and shot the footage with HDV tapes. 720p24. On one of the tapes is the ceremony and the camera doesn't stop shooting the entire time, there are no timecode breaks in the tape. But when I go to capture the tape into FCP using our JVC deck, there is at least one point on the tape where there are at least 7 seconds of footage that FCP skips over, and doesn't capture into the computer. And it creates a break in the clip. (yes I've changed my settings and told it not to break, or abort etc. And its not aborting, it keeps capturing the next clip). But it refuses to bring in this 7 seconds of missing footage. Then I tried capturing off the camera. Same issue, it won't bring in that 7 seconds worth of footage.

So the only solution we've come up with at work is to use the AJA IOHD Box, and run it through the JVC Deck using component cables, to bring in the Audio/Video as Analog Component.

Even though we shot the footage as 23.98, I can only get the Final Cut Pro capture window to recognize the AJA if I set the AJA control panels to 59.94, and the FCP easy setup to AJA IOHD 720p59.94

But that means the missing footage is brought in as 60 fps instead of 24. It looks fine on the timeline when played. But then I eventually put it on DVD, that 7 seconds of footage I brought in looks like it's kind of studdering when playing on the dvd. It looks choppy. I think it looked choppy too in the final cut pro export as a quicktime.

I think this issue could be solved if the AJA was setup for 23.98, not 59.94, but I can't get the AJA and Final Cut Pro to cooperate with each other at 23.98, and FCP wont show the AJA footage on the capture screen. So okay, if I'm stuck with 59.94, whats the best way to "conform" this footage to get it to be 23.98? Or should I not find a way to conform the footage? Should i be looking for a solution through the AJA?

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Joseph Owens
Re: Bringing in HDV Timecode breaks with AJA - as 59.94 instead of 23.98
on Dec 31, 2010 at 8:20:30 pm

HDV, as far as i know, only records 60i, as it doesn't have the bandwidth to deal with progressive frames, and its a Long-GOP format, anyway. Your "23.98" is a camera frame rate, and it gets recorded to tape with a field cadence, like film's 2:3 strategy of redundant fields.

This is probably why it looks "stuttery". There is no plugin for HDV that removes the cadence and allows you to work with HDV at 23.98 as there is with DVCProHD720p60. Unless there has been a recent development, the same situation exists with DVCProHD1080i60, which does not allow automatic removal of "pulldown" AP frames.

If FCP/Kona does NOT recognize the incoming media stream at a requested frame rate, then it is NOT that frame rate. If it does recognize the media at a set frame rate, rest assured, that's what it is, no matter what an operator might have thought they were shooting. This is very poorly understood industry-wide.

Have you tried capturing the footage "wild"? It may be a pre-roll issue if its a very short clip.

Set the device as "uncontrollable", press play, and "Capture Now". I've been forced to do this a number of times when camera operators have "double clutched", but now they've decided they've gotta have it, no matter how short the clip is.


You mean "Old Ben"? Ben Kenobi?

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