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Beginner question-audio monitoring

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Hyungseok Nam
Beginner question-audio monitoring
on Oct 8, 2010 at 6:40:08 am

well. I know there is so many of post about this and I think I read them almost.
but I need more clear answer.

My work is edit using FCP and KONA Lhi with very simple system.
until now, I used my old M-audio AV40 speakers. just connect with my macpro's line out.
I use this system not only working but enjoy itunes music.

but I bought new speaker Digidesign RM1. and here's the problem.
new speaker have 2 kind of inputs, AES input and analog balance. both XLR.

I know I need something(mixer) for analog connection.
so I connent KONA's AES output to speaker's AES input.
but I can't control volume with OS. it's useless and sound too loud.(even gain trim minimum set)
only available is itunes music volume.

q1. Do I need some kind of hardware mixer with AES connect for volume control?
or there's software mixer for this?

q2. I think it's better to connect with AES. because It's digital.
I think analog out - mixer - speaker has more sound quality loss with more steps. it's analog.
am I wrong? just both same?

My english is not good.
thanks for reading. wait for answer.

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Bob Zelin
Re: Beginner question-audio monitoring
on Oct 10, 2010 at 12:56:06 pm

your English is excellent, however you are monitoring incorrectly.

Take the ANALOG output of your AJA Kona LHi. Stick this into your analog audio mixer. Take the Control Room output of your analog audio mixer, and send this into your M-Audio speakers. This is the way that everyone does it. The audio doesn't sound better if you monitor the direct AES output. And never monitor the analog audio output of your MAC computer, as this is not in sync with the picture that comes out of your AJA Kona LHI. The only thing you should ever listen to is the output of your AJA Kona LHi. IF you want to listen to iTunes, you can use System Preferences>Sound to route the MAc audio signal into the Kona card, or you can take a second set of cables and come out of the Line Out of your MAC computer and send this into the audio mixer, to just hear iTunes.

Bob Zelin

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Hyungseok Nam
Re: Beginner question-audio monitoring
on Oct 10, 2010 at 5:23:43 pm

Thank you for advice, Bob.
oh, I didn't understand the sound monitoring system until now.
now I searching for analog mixer.

one more question.
my work need voice recording sometime.
I did it several time with apogee duet (not mine). very satisfied.

mackie says their onyx-i lineup is compatible with FCP and STP via FW. and mic pre is quite good.
it's little pricey but in my budget range if it's quality is same level with duet.

it's the better choice than VLZ3 series?
or just no problem with VLZ3 for voice recording in FCP, STP?

sorry for additional question.
have a nice day :)

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