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Pablo Renedo
UPS advice
on Jul 5, 2008 at 5:52:14 pm

Hi there

I've researched the forums and didn't find anything definitive, sorry if my question is a bit off-topic but, involving a Kona 3 and a Sonnet raid as the core of the issue, I guess it's alright.

If we only knew how much electrical watts the raid system needs under an 8 HDs configuration: we've contacted Sonnet asking them how much power the raid takes, no answer yet. We are assuming the Mac Pro takes 300 Watt; the display shouldn't be above 50 Watt - I'm only guessing here.

We've just bought a DFUSION 800 - 8 HDs - 4TB raid.

We don't want to take the risk of testing the system until electrical supply is properly stabilized and backed up: please can you recommend and/or indicate the requirements of a UPS system which should cover at least the 3 key parts of the system:

1) Sonnet DFUSION 800 - 8 HDs - 4TB raid

2) host machine: Mac Pro Quad 2'66 Ghz (1st version) - 8Gb RAM - 2 x 500 Gb internal HDs + Kona 3

3) Viewsonic 21" VP2030b LCD display
Ideally but not necessarily:

4) 3 external Lacie FW800 HDs: 1 x 1TB big disk + 2 x 250 Gb disks

We are thinking of a MGE UPS Ellipse ASR 1500 USBS - 1500 VA - 8 outputs. What do you think ?

Please if you could answer us partially or totally asap we would very much appreciate it, as we really need to start tests now.

Thanks in advance

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walter biscardi
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 5, 2008 at 6:24:35 pm

We run a single UPS for each Computer and external array or group of drives. At the moment we're running something like the APC 1200VA as shown here

Then because our monitors are in another room, we run a 2nd 1200VA for the both the computer monitors and the video monitors right in the suite.

So we have 2 UPS' per system with three systems running the Mac Pro Quad 3.0, Mac Pro Octo 3.2 and the G5 Quad 2.5. The primary arrays are the 8TB MaxxDigital EVO-HD models, similar to the Sonnet, and the LaCie S2S 1.25TB.

More important than just figuring out the watts is figuring our your Amp load on the outlet you intend to connect to. We have two 20 Amp circuits in each of the edit suites and another for the main equipment rack.

Walter Biscardi, Jr.
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Bob Zelin
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 5, 2008 at 7:30:23 pm

this is my advice.
You buy the biggest UPS you can buy, that requires a standard electrical outlet. This will cost you about $600, but you don't need to think about buying another UPS for this circuit. Even without the UPS, if you plugged in anything else, you would blow the breaker on your circuit. This is why a product like this (to me) is the perfect long term solution.

this is the APC Smart UPS 1500 RM 2RU
bob zelin

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Arnie Schlissel
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 5, 2008 at 7:43:20 pm

The manual for your Sonnet should tell you how big the power supply is. Likewise, the manual for your Mac & the monitor. Add those up, that's how many watts you need.

My advice is only slightly contrary to Bob Zelin's. It's nice if you can afford the biggest UPS available, but If you find that a single large UPS is too expensive, consider getting 2 smaller ones (2 600 Watt models, instead of a single 1100 Watt, for example). You may save considerable money, and you'll get a few more outlets on the battery, as well.


Post production is not an afterthought!

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Pablo Renedo
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 6, 2008 at 11:37:29 am

Thanks to everyone, it all makes sense.

I can see the pros and cons of dividing or concentrating the capacity of the unit/s.

I can also see the convenience of backing up and rectifying the electrical signal also for a broadcast monitor, which should happen in the future. You can blow up and old telly but want to look after the former, Im sure.

So you reckon the Sonnet with 8 HDs will take about 300 Watts ?

And that I'll be able to back-up the 3 elements mentioned plus a broadcast monitor, say 24" , with a 1500 VA single unit?

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Bob Zelin
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 6, 2008 at 6:08:30 pm

you can run an entire system on the APC Smart UPS 1500 that I mentioned.

Bob Zelin

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Pablo Renedo
Re: UPS advice
on Jul 6, 2008 at 7:02:03 pm

Thanks a lot Bob, that answers my key questions.

I can't wait to have the whole thing running

Thx again

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