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Kona LHe + Unlimited RT + Motion Templates = Crash every time

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Michael Trauffer
Kona LHe + Unlimited RT + Motion Templates = Crash every time
on Jun 20, 2008 at 12:23:39 am


(The following problem is strictly Leopard related. Our Tiger systems are not encountering this issue.)

I'm testing out a Leopard based system prior to upgrading our production facility.

System versions at initial crash: OSX 10.5.2, Quicktime 7.3.1, FCP 6.0.2, AJA 5.1

Problem: Adding a DV-NTSC Motion Template to a DV-NTSC sequence causes FCP 6.0.2 to lock up mid-way through playback via Unlimited RT.

After consulting the Console logs after multiple Force Quits, I noticed some entries in the system log regarding “ProIO”, which was referring to the AJA IO box. When switching Video Playback to the Kona card, Console Logs made note of Kona instead of ProIO. Relaunching FCP, disabling external video, and adding the same motion templates to the sequence did not produce any FCP lockups. This lead me to suspect the AJA drivers.

I contacted Steve at AJA Tech Support, and he sent my crash logs to their software team. The following day, I received an email advising me to try upgrading that system to OSX 10.5.3, Quicktime 7.5, and FCP 6.0.3. Since this is a test system, I installed the upgrades and attempted to recreate the crash. With the updates, this time FCP would play through the motion template, however, trying to stop playback (by pressing the space bar) would cause FCP to Crash. The difference this time was that FCP would actually crash and display a dialogue box with what it suspected was the cause of the crash “AJAVideoOutput” plug-in.


Yesterday, I booted back into Leopard after receiving an email from Steve which said that this problem was "fixed with 10.5.3 and 6.0.3", just to give it another shot. For some reason, I could not duplicate the crashes...until today. I remembered that yesterday, I changed my FCP scopes to monitor the Viewer instead of Current Frame. When I switched the scopes to Current Frame and attempted a playback through a .motn file...crash.

I've been able to duplicate this issue on another Leopard machine here, however, I'm not at liberty to upgrade that one since it is an online machine and also because our facility is currently standardized on 10.4.11 and FCP 6.0.2.

What is the point of this post? I'd like to see if anyone out there can also duplicate this problem.

Crash logs are available upon request.

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Thomas McNamara
Re: Kona LHe + Unlimited RT + Motion Templates = Crash every time
on Apr 22, 2009 at 1:25:17 am

Did you ever find a resolution for this problem? I've been getting the exact same error message working in 10.5.5 and QT 7.5.5 , FCP 6.0.5. Crashes when scrubbing sometimes, or rendering. We cannot find a resolution for this. I've scoured the internet - doesn't seem like anyone else has gotten this particular error message.

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Dustin Lau
Re: Kona LHe + Unlimited RT + Motion Templates = Crash every time
on Jun 12, 2009 at 6:10:21 am

I have this problem too.

System Version: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55)
AJA ControlPanel:

Version: 6.0.3
Last Modified: 3/12/09 2:17 PM
Kind: Universal
Get Info String: 6.0.3 Copyright 2008 AJA Video, Inc.
Location: /Applications/AJA
Final Cut Pro:

Version: 6.0.5
Last Modified: 3/12/09 11:21 AM
Kind: Universal
Get Info String: Final Cut Pro 6.0.5, Copyright © 2001-2008 Apple Inc.
Location: /Applications/Final Cut
QuickTime Player:

Version: 7.6
Last Modified: 3/12/09 10:26 AM
Kind: Universal
Get Info String: 7.6, Copyright © 1989-2008 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved
Location: /Applications/QuickTime

I also get "Motion Patch failed to render" errors.
Those are normally resolved by restarting the application.

Also, do you notice that rendering motion templates within FCP seems to be single threaded? I have Menu Meters installed and notice that whenever the motion template sections of the sequence are being rendered, there is only one core working while the rest flatline.

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